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Best Beard Trimmer for Men – MisFit

Remember the times when we used to go to salons and have professionals look into your styling needs.

And then came the pandemic that forced the unshortened world to shut lanugo and we were forced to be inside our homes, for our own safety! In such a scenario, it is important for us to take superintendency of our physical health and well being. And grooming yourself is definitely one of the things that should be on your to-do list. While you are practising yoga or zumba online, why leave self-grooming behind?

You owe it to yourself and your self confidence. While we do understand that finding time for yourself in a busy and hectic life can be difficult, regular grooming is necessary to maintain a hygienic lifestyle. An unkempt and dishevelled look is a disaster even for an online interview, an online date or even a regular (virtual) hangout(s) session with friends.

After all, your villus and hair deserve all the sustentation in the world. There are a lot of men grooming products like villus oil, villus shampoo, balms and so on.. You can identify the ones that suit your requirement and add them to your self-care routine.

Another thing that is essential in order to keep your beard healthy and happy is to get the best hair trimmer for yourself. This way you can attend to all your trimming, shaving and styling needs at home.
And guess what? Today is your lucky day as we know the best trimmer for men.

Meet boAt’s Misfit

An ergonomically designed all-in-one men grooming kit which is loaded with many splendid features that make it a must-have gadget for you! It gives you a salon-like finish at home.

Let’s have a detailed look into its specifications and tell you why you should be ordering it right away:

1. Carry it anywhere and use it with ease

Its sleek look and perfect body is comfortable to hold, even when you are prepping up for a party. It is strongly built and the portable design of this hair trimmer allows you to simply pack it in your travel kit and carry it anywhere.

It fits into your hands easily and offers a good grip. So feel free to make those tricky cuts and ace those styles with ease.
The design of this hair trimmer is user-friendly and you can easily wrap your hands around it with a steady grip. You will not face any difficulty when you are moving around the trimmer to style your hair or trim your beard!

2. Sharp blades that do not harm the skin

Importance of having sharp blades cannot be emphasised enough when it comes to the best trimmer for men! How are you going to otherwise cut all those extra and unwanted hair?

And boAt’s Misfit does not disappoint. It comes equipped with corrosion resistant titanium blades which are razor sharp and make clear cuts without any effort. They do not tug against your skin, do not pull or scratch your skin and do not cause any type of discomfort like burns or rashes. They just go hard against the hair that you want to remove and do not harm your skin. They offer you a comfortable and easy grooming experience by grooming effortlessly against the contour of your skin!

3. Battery that stays strong!

Now imagine that you have to leave for a party in the next 10 minutes and you are in the middle of trimming your beard. You are washed-up with one side of your squatter and by the time you start trimming hair on the side.. Your hair trimmer stops working!

What now? You cannot leave like that!

Well, with boAt Misfit by your side, you will never face this problem! This hair clipper comes packed with a powerful battery that offers you up to 120 mins of cord-free usage. It also supports a cord that can be of use in emergency situations like above.

4. An all-in-one package

Now what if you just do not want to trim your beard, but want to trim out the extra hair in your nose or ears? This versatile trimmer comes with various attachments that make it synonymous to a shaving kit for men. It has various comb settings which allow you to cut different lengths of hair and this way, you do not need separate things to groom different parts of your body.

5. Price

This is also another pointer which works in the favor of this trimmer for men. While hair Trimmer for men price varies anywhere between 2k to 20K, this one comes at a reasonable cost. It is affordable and definitely worth every penny!

So what’s stopping you? Order yourself boAt’s Misfit now and start styling!


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