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Top 5 Wristwatch Brands with Quality Customer Service


You buy a wristwatch for the craft and artistry in the design. You also buy many watches for the features they possess in their workmanship and expertise. Before buying these watches, you lay down a lot of money. Even money is worth an absolute luxury. But what if you got a watch less to the value of money you have paid.

What if there is a sudden fault in the watch within days. Unfortunately, you didn’t buy it from a store, you bought it online. How would you get over thousands of dollars within a moment of losing the watch? Before buying a new wristwatch, here is the list of the brands with the best customer care service anytime, any day.

1. Tissot

Tissot is one brand with incredible customer service. If you ever find any fault with your watch, just get in touch with the nearest service center. They will repair your watch, their products come with a guarantee of at least a 2-year guarantee. Tissot, a sister company of the Rolex company, has the integrity to uphold when it comes to customer service. And just like Rolex, they endeavor to make sure all their client’s concerns are met.

2. Tudor

Tudor is a brand with good customer service. They feature a lot in celebrity brand ambassadorship. From the likes of David Beckham and Lady Gaga, they are their main characters in the advertising industry. They were usually a military-style watchmaker, but they have been part of the digital innovation and are now creating high-level mechanical timepieces.

This brand has a powerful story and guarantees behind its watch. Because this brand has been producing high-quality luxury watches, they need to have a strong warranty and return policy for their customers. First of all, they will give you a massive 5-year guarantee on your wristwatch. And if you take the watch in for after-sales service, which also comes with optional cosmetic case refinishing, you will still get another chance of 7 years guarantee.

3. Omega

Omega is one of the biggest brands out there ever to grace the watchmaking industry. They are not just good at their crafting. They are also clever with their targeted marketing style. This watch brand has been a big name since 1903. Even some watch brands have not been born during this period.

Just like Tudor, they have a unique way of marketing their product. Even their mode of the market looks more intense. In their gallery section, you find the likes of James Bond putting their watches on. Also, their watches have been out of the world before. Buzz Aldrin was the first to put on an Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph in an adventure out of the earth, and this model sold for millions during the auction.

How come people trust omega easily? Well, their secret is not just behind the five-year guarantee stated in their case. But they have a strong reputation for good customer service. They ensure that an expert helps you repair your watch and even gives you a two-year guarantee, but only if you buy from an authorized source.

4. Longines

Longines has been a historical brand to reckon with. It is close to 200 years, and it is still surviving the rugged and tough competition in the watchmaking industry. Even coming from a very tough competitive factor, that could have marked the brand as an old one. But instead, this label is never old. It is even regarded as the Aviation watchmaking father. It also has a reputation for producing equestrian-themed watches.

To their customer support, this brand has overturned so many damages from their professional repair section. It also allows as long as two full years. Longines is known for keeping the primary records of ownership and repair. However, this is only possible when you can follow the terms and conditions that an authorized service center would perform the repair.

5. Rolex

Rolex is one of the most promising watches ever to grace the industry. Now, Rolex provides you with something even more promising from their customer service. The Swiss watch label makes sure your watch is serviced even if it has been in use for a very long time.

Their customer service representatives can be contacted through phone or email. In some significant Rolex outlets, there are localized customer service representatives ready to tend to your queries.


Meet the customer support team of the watch brand to get your repairs and have your issues attended to. They will help you recover your money back in case you would like to return what you purchase. Of course, watches can develop any fault or irrelevant disappointment anytime, but good customer service would help you with the necessary adjustments to make your wristwatch last longer. For better chances of making returns or exchanges, you should keep the original box, recipients, and pamphlets associated with your wristwatch.