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Pocket Coach: The Best Free Apps for Sports Fans

On your smartphone pocket coach, you can not only browse memes, play the most popular online casino games or watch funny videos, but also spend time with benefits.

Many people try to get in shape for the summer. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gym regularly. Effective training can be done at home. Mobile applications will help because everyone can choose a workout to their liking.

Freeletics – Training Coach

One of the most popular fitness applications. It contains exercises with your own weight, which you can perform where you want. You can choose from ready-made programs or create your own. It is also convenient that each exercise is accompanied by video tips that explain how to perform it correctly. There are also built-in timers and counters.

Tabata HIIT. Interval Timer

This app is suitable for people with a high workload. The thing is that the workouts in it are only four minutes long. They will fit perfectly in small breaks during work or between chores.

There are a variety of complexes to choose from. For example, to tighten different parts of the body, to burn fat, etc. You can also choose a program individually. There is a timer, a calorie counter, statistics, music, and integration with the Google Fit service.

Daily Yoga

In the sports app, you can find 45 classes that contain about 300 asanas. There are classes for toning, relaxation, weight loss, and separate exercises for problem areas, which is very convenient. For example, for working out the waist, buttocks, and chest. Workouts are divided into three levels of difficulty: casual, moderate, and high. You can also set the desired duration: from 5 to 45 minutes. For your convenience, the asanas are accompanied by video instructions with voice guidance.


The format of the application is very similar to Tabata. But here, classes last seven minutes a day.

It has no separate programs for Crossfit or workouts for individual muscle groups, and the set of classes is more like a classic workout. The developers claim that Seven’s workouts are based on scientific research and provide maximum benefit to the body in the shortest possible time.

The app works out your exercise program for the week in different categories: general and dynamic workouts, stretching and unloading exercises. Seven has more than 200 exercises of varying difficulty levels and video instructions for them.

The application is best suited to people with busy schedules and those who are not single-mindedly hoping to lose dozens of pounds.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers 185 free workouts (for different purposes, such as strengthening muscles or losing weight). There’s yoga, strength training, and endurance and mobility training. Each consists of several exercises that are accompanied by step-by-step instructions with photos or videos.

In addition, you can practice from programs developed by famous athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, and others.

30 days

Service develops a training program for 30 days. Its format is similar to a habit tracker. For example, you decide to start squatting in the morning. On the first day, you do this exercise as much as you can, and then a program is made for you for a month, taking into account the gradual increase of the load.

The app is available for Android and iOS.


This program unites 26 million running enthusiasts. A pocket “trainer” helps you keep track of all your movements: walks, hikes, bike workouts, runs. Everything is recorded in detail and displayed in statistics (pace, distance, time, and calories burned). There is integration with Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your progress with your friends.

iGym Pro

iGym Pro is a full-fledged electronic trainer. An exercise diary allows you to monitor your progress, make schedules. Paid programs to achieve specific goals. Graphs and charts to reflect the statistics of training allow you to track results. Wide choice of ready-made training programs. If you want, you can create your own, taking into account the results you want to get. The timer allows you to control the time allocated to the workout and record the data of each approach in an individual log. A wide range of exercises for working out different muscle groups with descriptions and illustrations. Ability to plan your exercises for the week.

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