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Easy Fitness Tips and Training for beginners

Easy Fitness Tips

Identity your “why,” “what,” and “how”

For Easy Fitness “The first step is taking the time to figure out why what and how. My clients’ questions are: Why are you adding fitness and wellness to your life now? How’s your life going? Be different when you have regular fitness in your life? And how are you going to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle today and this week? Once you know why, what, and how, the mindset is “just do it.” Nike did it right. ”

Try starting with 20-minute workouts a week to improve your pace

“If you’re beginning a new exercise program, don’t overdo it! Try three days a week and schedule it into your week like a doctor’s appointment. No need to take a whole class – stay 30 minutes or try a short private workout or home workout. You want to make sure you get in shape safely and effectively. Then after the fourth week, try adding another 30 minutes every other week, amazed at how strong you will feel! ”

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Prioritize consistency over intensity for Easy Fitness

“It’s better to do a 45-minute moderate-intensity strength circuit three times a week than to do a two-hour high-intensity workout six times a week and then burn out in three weeks because it’s unsustainable. Remember, it’s time.” and it takes consistency to build your body, but exercise can put you in a better mood. You leave everything in the gym: the annoying boss, the argument with your best friend, stuck in a traffic jam.

Find other active characters to support your efforts

“Motive is the beginning, but getting into the habit is the way to maintain the longevity of an active lifestyle. Friends, family, and co-workers who exercise with you can help you persevere. Try to find exercise partners who do healthy things. Also, what you do outside of the gym will significantly impact the workouts you do in the gym – positive changes to your diet, hydration, sleep, and stress will produce great results. ”

Do workouts that you enjoy; you are more likely to stick with them for Easy Fitnesseasy fitness exercise


For Easy Fitness “My most helpful advice for beginners is to find something you enjoy and focus on making small strides each day. I think we consistently get the best results, and to be consistent, we have to enjoy the ride.

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Invest in a good pair of shoes

“Wearing old, torn shoes can negatively affect joints and ligaments, especially when running, sprinting, or doing plyometrics. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right shoes for your training: tennis shoes, for example, are designed to move sideways for better fitness. If you’re lifting weights, you want a more rigid, flatter sole for your shoe so it feels more connected to the ground. If you’re a runner, most running specialty stores will give you a step rating to help you decide which shoes to choose. They are best for your arch, heel, and ankle width. Invest in a shoe that can be as versatile as possible in the gym and outdoors, yet provides the proper support your foot needs.

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To avoid burnout and injury, start slowly and take breaks while exercising

“Start slow, set realistic goals, be kind to your body, and take breaks as often as needed. Committing to starting a new workout is hard enough. You are preparing to get burned or hurt, and that is far from the end goal.

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