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Celine Dion reveals the reason for her dramatic weight loss

Celine Dion Weight Loss wants her fans to know that she is fine despite reports that she has lost too much weight.

The 51-year-old singer, who recently became the most recent spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris, admitted that she lost a few pounds but added that she is healthy.

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer revealed that the change was due to a new activity in her life: ballet.

“Dancing has been in my DNA my whole life,” Dion told People about her new practice, in which stylist and dancer friend Pepe Muñoz helped her.

celine dion weight loss

More About Celine Dion Weight Loss

After rumors surfaced earlier this year, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer was struggling with an eating disorder.The words started when the Canadian singer appeared at various fashion events in January.

The next day, Celine Dion was among the spectators at the Ronald van der Kemp fashion show in the City of Lights. She is at the event with her close friend and backup dancer, Pepe Muñoz.
At the time, some fans speculated that Celine Dion looked fragile and thinner than her.

Others have begun to speculate that she may not have eaten due to anorexia. However, many netizens have also criticized the diva for not taking care of her body.

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Interview On Celine Dion Weight Loss

In late January, the Ashes hitmaker broke her silence during an interview for The Dan Wootton Interview podcast.

“I want to feel strong, graceful, feminine, and sexy.
If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. If you like it, I’ll be there. manu bhaskar If not, leave me alone,” Celine said.

Despite Celine’s bold testimony, the body shame and eating disorder rumors never went away.
This week, the singer finally stopped speculation about anorexia when she sat down for an interview with Good Morning America.

Celine Dion Weight Loss it was all due to her newfound passion for dancing

“I do this five times a week,” she told People.

“People say, ‘She is much thinner,’ but I work hard.

I like to walk and (weight loss) comes with it. ”

The Grammy winner, who has had her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for eight years, has turned to ballet, which she attributes to her having such a slim figure.

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Why do Celine Dion’s weight loss photos worry fans?

Celine has always done a lot to stay in shape, despite having some pretty good genes. Her exercise regimen is respectable, and she seems like she has barely aged over the years.

Then all of a sudden, photos of the slimmer and unhealthy-looking singer were circulating.
Her appearance seemed to change after the death of her husband in 2016, and the most recent sightings of her famous face worried fans more than before.

But despite posting many heartbreaking tributes to her late husband, Dion is excellent.

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The True Story behind Celine’s weight loss and health

celine dion weight loss

What is the true story behind Celine’s weight loss and her overall health?

Okay, not that easy – she embarked on a pretty grueling athletic endeavor that resulted in shedding pounds fans didn’t even know she needed to lose.

While rumors have emerged that there is something romantic between the two, the singer has denied it so far.
However, the fact remains that the two of them have practiced ballet for countless hours, and Celine perfected her breakup at least a year ago.
Since then, Celine has continued her practice in ballet, trimming her body even more than fans thought possible.

However, she has no regrets, noted Women’s Health Mag; she feels like Celine caught her second breath in her life, and Celinedoesn’t feel like she’s slowing down at all.

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