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How to Design A Sports Flyer and Templates to Inspire!

design a sports flyer and templates

Sports have long been an integral part of human culture, dating all the way back to ancient times. It’s a tradition that remains strong to this day and is widely celebrated worldwide as a pastime for all to enjoy, so it’s imperative that its events always be announced whenever it’s on. Consequently, the advertising material used to promote it has grown with time as well, but that’s not to say old practices have gone completely out of fashion. The flyer, for instance, remains as steadfast as sports events, and is still a popular choice for those who want to raise awareness.

Indeed, since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, little has changed when it comes to spreading information via print. Its physical, tangible, and subsequently engaging nature has insulated it from obsoletion despite the proliferation of online advertising, and the emergence of online flyer maker tools only serves to reinforce this fact.

What Flyer Maker Tools Are There?

Tools like Canva, Venngage, or Visme cater to straightforward individuals who want to create eye-catching visual materials without worrying about the details and skills required for good design. They also eliminate the need for technical knowledge to operate complicated design programs.

They all function similarly. All of them have pre-made templates available for free (with some options only for purchase), as well as a native online editing tool that you can use to edit the templates mentioned above. The tool requires a very shallow learning curve and can be mastered in a few minutes. It functions directly and easily to understand click and edit workflow, with a few additional options for further customization available on a side menu should it be needed.

For now, let’s focus on Venngage and see which templates could be used to create a great sports flyer.

Which Sports Event Flyer Templates are Best?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to picking the best template for any certain event, the most pertinent of all being what kind of event it is and what tone should be conveyed when promoting it.

But the beautiful thing about design is that it doesn’t take much to set that tone. Check out how it comes into effect in the templates below:

The Call to Action

When it comes to sport flyer examples, nothing quite beats the classic text overly over a striking photo template. A favorite among flyer designs for its simplicity in creation and execution is a great way to quickly whip up a flyer without worrying about unnecessary design details that could get in the way. It’s a straightforward approach to tell people what’s happening, where, and when, which is all the elements that a good sports flyer needs.

Just make sure to retain its most recognizable element: its large and strong call to action text right at the middle or top of the flyer. That way, it grabs attention quickly and easily, prompting viewers to continue reading until they get all the information they need.

The Graphic Designed

Another classic when it comes to flyer design, albeit a little more nuanced. Due to the more playful, fun, and colorful nature of the elements used in it, this type is more often reserved for informal sporting events that are more for amusement than anything else.

But just like the previous template, it’s another straightforward way of disseminating information quickly as it has to rely on text or a call to action too. The graphic elements, while amusing, are only there to serve as decoration and don’t really communicate anything too important. That’s not to say any visual components can be thrown in randomly though. At the end of it all, it still has to look cohesive. The best way to gauge that is if the flyer has an overall look of cohesion like one artist drew every asset there.

The Big Announcement

Any long-time sports fan knows that templates like these exude strength. Not just in the events that they promote but in the vibe of the event as well. Because designs like this, where the image is properly striking and coupled with a solid call to action text, is the gold standard in professional sporting events.

It also helps to add in other additional details, such as the event’s tagline – “Get Ready to Rumble” in this case – and the participating athletes. That way, it’s easy for potential audiences to discern whether or not this will be something they would be interested in participating in.

The Newsletter

Last but not least, we have the newsletter template, which also works amazingly well as a flyer. A fringe choice for those who want to quickly and easily promote events is more suited for rare times when a lot more information is needed. As in the example, it’s excellent for projecting event timelines. That functionality extends its shelf life, of course, as people tend to keep it as a loose reminder of what’s to come.

At the end of the day, though, whichever template will work as long as its design does too. So make sure to pick the right one as needed and create the event you want today!