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Chic Ring Designs for the Modern You

Chic Ring Designs – Rings have long been in vogue, and the trend is expected to continue for years to come. No wonder rings have become a staple in most women’s jewelry stacks. A fascinating character about rings is their versatility. You can wear it with almost anything, and it will complement your attire for better. But with so many ring designs around, how do you navigate your way to get your hands on the best rings?

While you can get this lightweight jewellery on this website after browsing the site’s vast yet modern ring collection, you can also choose to read this article till the end to know more about the ring designs that are making noise around the world, and then take your pick.

Rose Gold Ring Designs

We have seen nowadays people have yellow gold rings around, maybe you should step forward and break the mainstream look by wearing a stunning rose gold ring. Rose gold carries a warm and delicate appearance that makes it look gorgeous with any gemstone setting.

You will primarily find bands made of rose gold with a diamond as the center stone, as a popular gold ring option. However, you can place a customization request and replace the diamond with a gemstone of your choice.

Classic Pearl Gold Rings

When it comes to rings, you will find fewer women wearing a pearl-studded rings. Many women seem to stick to their all-time favorite diamond ring or simple, plain gold rings. But if you’re someone who loves to stay at par with fashion trends, you must have a pearl ring in your jewelry collection.

A flawless, small to medium-sized pearl securely placed on a yellow gold band and surrounded by brilliant diamond halos look beyond spectacular. The best part is you can wear a pearl ring at both official and non-official events.

Filigree Gold Rings

Ditch the mainstream ring designs and get yourself a vintage-inspired filigree gold ring. What makes these rings unique from others is their delicate jewelry embellishment of pliable threads of precious metals. The delicate lines/threads are curled or twisted to form an abstract design, giving a filigree ring its unique look.

Nowadays, some of the finest jewelry companies retailers are offering customization options in filigree rings, so you can get your favorite gemstone placed in the ring or request the use of a different metal thread for a special design. To maximize its appearance, pair it with a vintage necklace. Check here to find something that goes perfectly with a filigree ring.

Multi-Tier Bands Gold Rings

Looking for new style gold rings? If yes, the multi-tier band’s gold rings are for you. These rings give a spectacular twist to the traditional, plain gold rings. Each tier band has small diamonds artistically placed for a regal look, and the bands give the appearance of a perfectly interwoven design. Though these rings are primarily made using yellow gold, you can request customization and ask the retailer to make multi-tier bands gold rings using rose gold or white gold for a different look.

The rings mentioned above are pretty distinct from the traditional rings you keep seeing around. So if you love to make statements, instead of just following one, go grab one or more ring styles from the list discussed above. You will surely love them all.

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