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Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people nowadays have low self-esteem because of their teeth. That shouldn’t be anyone’s concern because there are many dental advancements today. 

Cosmetic Dentistry will make your teeth white and your smile perfect. In the last few years, we accomplished things that no one thought were even possible. Not only can teeth whitening be achieved by these techniques, but many other changes you didn’t even think of.

For example, dental implants, inlays, onlays, dental veneers, and smile makeovers. All of these options look natural and are made to fit with your face. For these procedures, be sure to find dentists that shine out confidence, and you trust them. Most of them are great and know what they are doing, but still, you should be careful.

Now let’s get to the popular cosmetic trends that some of us are thinking of getting. With them, you will get a better insight into what this dentistry branch has to give.

Scaling and Polishing teeth

Polishing and scaling your teeth is something that everyone should do at least once. It is common for your teeth to lose their shine and whiteness. Polishing will restore this and let your teeth look well maintained. Also, it is an excellent prevention from plaque. Further, it will make your breath better, your teeth whiter, and you won’t be concerned about other oral problems.

Digital Smile Previews

All of us would like to know what our dentist will do. Also, we would like to advise on how our smile should be. If you think the same Digital Smile Previews are for you. Digital preview is the most advanced you will likely get when changing your smile. 

This technique is based on a 3D model of your face. You and your dentist can manipulate the picture that digital software gives. Therefore you and the dentist can discuss things you want to change, and the 3D model will show you what to expect. What better motivation is there than seeing how your smile would look after the dental reconstructions? 

The New Face of Braces

Not everyone is a fan of traditional wire braces. Apart from that, they take a lot of work, and you need to arrange appointments with the dentist often. The new face of braces is much easier to handle and much faster. They don’t have any kind of metal wires and are transparent. Therefore it looks much more natural. 

Things that you should expect if you get these braces are:

  • Pain that is normal with every brace. The relieving fact is that the pain becomes smaller after teeth get used to the new position.
  • Fast results, commonly after a few months.

You may have some bigger problems that should be fixed. The traditional way of fixing these oral problems is old fashioned and isn’t quite made for people to feel good about themselves. Therefore, today we have treatment options that are good for your health and give you the best smile possible.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are specially made protective and good-looking shells for your teeth. They are used to protect damaged teeth. Also, they can reduce the gap between teeth. Dental veneers are fixed and cemented on your tooth. Therefore will not produce any pain or discomfort.

Smile makeover

This is a mix of all the things you read previously. A smile makeover is different between different people. For you, this might be a few procedures, such as teeth whitening and dental implants. While for others, it might be procedures like dental implants and dental bonding. Therefore, Smile Makeover is a technique that will make your teeth look natural. Many people opt for this procedure because they get all the things they want.

Composite Bonding

Suppose you have some kind of chip on your tooth. If your teeth have a gap between each other, this procedure is made for you. It is a quick, easy and effective way to remodel your smile. Also, it will make it comfortable when you bite on your damaged tooth. This procedure will most likely take one appointment at the dentist.


Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in previous years. With this article, we covered only a small amount of treatments that can be done. We hope that you found a treatment that is suitable for you. Consult with dentists in Markham that are good in this profession and take care of your teeth.

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