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Makeup Tips – How To Apply Makeup Step by Step Simple Tutorial

Makeup Tips

Rule of makeup tips is for beauty positive; Our favorite products assist us in creating the beautiful styles we love, enhancing our favorite features, and embody our definitions of beauty. The best makeup routines help modern women develop their self-confidence and face the world head-on, no matter what the day throws at it.

When it comes to makeup, a handy application can make a difference. Proper application of your favorite products can do two things: help you achieve the beauty look you want, and help you get the most out of your makeup.

Are you looking for natural makeup that keeps your skin radiant all day?

How to Put on Makeup With these Essential Beauty Makeup Tips

Step 1 Hydration

Before applying your makeup, it is a good idea to prep your skin with a good-quality moisturizer. Choosing the right moisturizer is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Let’s take a peek at the diverse kinds you can use, listed from lightest to heaviest:

Face Mists

These are water-based liquids that may contain specific vitamins and fragrances that improve the skin. Facial sprays are not intending to restore moisture to your skin, but they can be a helpful tool in keeping your skin looking dewy throughout the day. Just spray throughout the day when your skin feels dry to the touch.


Lotions are the various common sort of moisturizer and can benefit a wide variety of skin types. Opt for lotions labeled “non-comedogenic”; These products are designing to prevent pore-clogging.


If your bare skin needs extra help, it may be time to invest in a moisturizer. It is a thicker, thicker solution that can moisturize overly dry skin. Day creams using as a base under makeup, but night creams are designing to add an extra dose of moisture to your skin while you sleep. Apply on the pillow before it touches the pillow, and in the morning, you will be greeting with soft and supple skin.


Immediately that your skin is properly hydrated, prepare your face with primer. Whether you want to apply light foundation or full makeup, primer is an essential first step. Using primers under makeup will make your look last longer.

So What Exactly is a Primer?

Think of primer as the base for your foundation or face makeup to make it last longer and smoother. Primers are silky smooth creams and gels that fill in lines and pores on your face, smooth out uneven textures, and create the ideal canvas for your makeup.

Pro Makeup Tips

To apply primer few go a long way. First, to apply your foundation, squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips or your favorite makeup brush or sponge. Begin with a dime-sized amount of primer in the center of your face and slowly apply to your cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Liquid Base

When it comes to foundation, getting the perfect shade for your skin is the number one priority. The correct foundation shade can make a difference.

So How are You Going to Choose?

Test the foundation colors against your chin line. If the foundation disappears after application without mixing it, you have found your true match. It may take a bit of pain and error, but taking the time to choose the right shade is critical.


There are two principal categories of concealer: liquid and pencil/compact.

Liquid Concealer

It is best for when you want to cover a large area of your face quickly. Liquid concealer also works well for those who want a light finish, especially around wrinkled areas like the eyes and mouth.

Stick and Compact Concealer

It work well to cover more of the smaller, more specific face areas.

Base Powder

Applying foundation powder can be a complicated process; too little and you can skip the step altogether, too much and you’ll wear the dreaded “cake look.” In your search for a sound complexion, you’ve probably already heard a lot of powder foundation tricks.

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