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Best And Unique Ways to Accessorize a Black Dress

Different Ways to Accessorize a Black Dress

There are dozens of different ways to Accessorize a Black Dress. Whether you’re looking for chic evening accessory ideas, fun and flirty looks for a date night, or looking fresh and pretty accessories for a black dress during the day, you have plenty of options to complete your look and add an extra touch of style.


ways to accessorize a black dress

Bodycon Dress With a Wide Belt

With a large belt, a simple dress becomes the perfect eye-catcher. This look goes well with a knit dress, jumper, or stretch sweater. Add a wide waistband and slingback heels for a cute casual look.

Wrap dress with a simple necklace and boots.
Boots can give your favorite little black dress fun and excellent update. Here a velvet wrap dress is combined with mid-rise leather boots. A simple collar completes the look without detracting from the boots’ bold statement.

Formal Dress With a Statement Necklace

“A bold, oversized necklace or 14K gold chains are great style statements paired with a formal dress. However, be careful not to go overboard with your other accessories.”

Accessorize a Black Dress With Sophisticated Earrings

If your formal or semi-formal dress has a higher neckline, you will probably want to stop wearing a necklace. Instead, go for statement earrings, like the pair shown here in the style of a long chandelier, for a stunning look.

Mini Dress With Chunky Earrings and Bracelet

A simple mini dress gets fun and cute dose of style when you add a chunky bracelet and earrings. For a wrinkled look, choose a bracelet and earrings with a similar theme. For example, this model wears chunky round earrings, and the music continues with the significant round links on the bracelet.

When choosing jewelry, also consider the neckline. The rounded scoop neckline of the dress shown here matches well with the curves of the jewels.

Casual In Warm Weather

Don’t put away your favorite black dress when the warm weather hits. With the right accessories, you can brighten up a dark dress for spring and summer. Sheer pants, a bright flower hairpiece, and cute black and white flats can enhance a black dress for a distinctive warm-weather vibe. Complete the look with a pair of classic petite hoop earrings.

Add Light-Colored Shoes and Jewelry

Another way to update a black dress for spring or summer is to wear colorful accessories that reflect the time of year. The yellow shoes showed here, and the turquoise bracelet gives the cutout shift dress a real eye-catcher.

Keep in mind that combining a black dress with colored accessories often makes the look more casual.

Equip An Embellished Black Dress

You can still add your flair when wearing an embellished dress, but you must do it carefully. Choose accessories that suits with the details of the dress for a flattering look.

Accessories work because they are not over the top, and they work together. For example, the dress here has pearl accents on the V-neckline of the bodice and some sparkly embellishments on the skirt. The simple teardrop earrings mimic the dress line, the glitter detail on the pocket matches the sparkles, and the strappy shoes perfectly match the lines of the neckline and the earrings.

Elegant Cover-Ups

Avoid the cold with an elegant black dress by choosing a stylish cover-up. Wraps are popular, but they may not provide enough warmth, or you may want to try something different. Consider other options, such as:

The elegant feather-embellished sweater, for example, does not detract from the sleek appearance.

LBD With Stockings

For a formal look, avoid leggings, but pairing them with a black dress in colder weather can be an excellent option for day, work, or evening.

You can also go bold with the color by choosing a fun seasonal shade for your shoes. In colder climates, shoes in deep reds, purples, and blues go well with a black dress.

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