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Why Should You Seek Online Vet Help Before Administering CBD to Your Pet?

Online Vet Help Before Administering CBD to Your Pet: CBD has emerged as a popular natural solution for managing stress, anxiety, and pain among pets. In 2020, the CBD pet market was valued at $125 million, and it is expected to continue its growth trajectory. However, choosing the right product and its dosage often becomes a daunting task, primarily because several brands are available in the market.

By seeking online vet help, you can get a one-on-one consultation session and health plan framed according to your pet’s needs.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

CBD products that have been prepared from organically grown hemp in the US are of the highest quality. Besides, when the brands get their products tested from third-party labs, the purity of the ingredients gets ensured more.

Research has been conducted on dogs and cats, to determine the safety of CBD consumption. For example, a study was conducted on healthy cats. The study concluded that healthy cats could safely consume a maximum of 30.5 mg/kg of CBD doses. The report also states that the side-effects observed were mild and were resolved without any medical intervention.

Thus, administering your pet with the appropriate dosage is essential for effective results. And, online vet help would be most helpful before you get started with CBD.

Different Products Available

The booming CBD market has given rise to several brands with various CBD products in the marketplace. For example, CBD oil for pets caters to concerns like healing, reducing inflammation, soothing pets in noisy areas, and pain relief, among other issues.

There are also CBD oils, salves, and treats offered. So, the question arises – How do you buy the appropriate product for your pet? To understand the type of product and its results, consultation with a vet becomes crucial.

Overall Health Needs to Be Considered Before Dosage

A common misconception about CBD dosage is that your pet’s weight is often the determining factor for the dose quantity. However, before dosage, metabolism, activity levels, and underlying health conditions should also be considered.

Thus, every pet and its health is unique in many ways. And, consulting a vet can genuinely help you in getting a CBD plan tailored just for your pet’s special requirements.

Correct Dosage Required for Effective Results

Pet parents often worry about overdosing their pets with CBD. For example, if you give your pet 10 mg of CBD, not all of the CBD will be absorbed by your pet’s body. Almost 80% of the product will be eliminated from their body resulting in wastage.

So to treat such issues, a proper CBD dose is essential for your pet. A study found that dogs can absorb CBD much better than cats. In other words, cats require equal or sometimes higher doses of CBD in their diet.

In such a case, a vet can suggest the perfect product along with a personalized treatment plan concerning your pet’s health.

Proper Technique of CBD Administration

CBD can be administered in your pets by different methods. They help to determine how much your pet’s body will absorb CBD. For example, you can massage CBD oil to your pet’s gums and see whether it is the most effective method of getting the product in their bloodstream. Or you can include CBD oil in their food. However, ingestion of CBD, wherein the product passes through the digestive tract before absorption in the body makes the method less effective. A vet can take you through different techniques for effectively adding CBD to your pet’s routine.

CBD is an emerging natural supplement facilitating pain and stress management among pets. But, if you are concerned about what type of products to use, the correct dosage, and the way to administer CBD, it would be best to seek online vet help and make an informed decision about your pet’s health.

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