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The Difference Between Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Are you confused between hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions?

You could become perplexed by all of the hair extension terminologies. The following hair extensions are all beautiful in their own right, but they’re given distinct names because they’re all a little different.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions.

Hot Fusion

Hot fusion is a strand method in which a heating element is linked to the keratin-based tips.
Keratin hair extensions and tip hair extensions are other names for hot fusion hair extensions. With a heated keratin glue, they are bonded to your natural hair in little ‘bundles.’

This approach is much friendlier on hair than normal glue because your hair is already made up of 90% keratin (a protein molecule).

Hot fusion hair extensions can last up to 2-4 months and take 2 hours to apply.

You may do a variety of hairstyles using hot fusion hair extensions, including updos and down dos.

When the keratin cools, it hardens, fusing your hair and the bond altogether. The hair extension will stay in your hair in this manner.

Finger protection must be worn, otherwise, your fingertips will be burned to a crisp.

Acetone is frequently used to break down the link and eliminate it from your hair when it’s time to remove it.

Cold Fusion

This is a relatively novel technique. It is much faster and depending on your technician’s expertise, it can take up to 90 minutes.

To the touch, the applicator remains cool. The keratin is melted enough to make it malleable using ultrasonic vibration to provide low friction heat.

Experience has shown that many cold fusion devices on the market melt the keratin into the hair the same way as hot fusion does, resulting in the same harmful elements when the hair is removed.

The gentle equipment and process used by Extension Professional warm the keratin just enough to allow the technician to handle it and make an excellent flat bond.

The reality that this procedure does not mix keratin with natural hair sets it apart from others. It forms a sleeve by being bonded around the hair.

This means that when it comes time to remove it, it will be a lot quicker.

The only Cold Fusion Method on the market that does not entirely blend in with natural hair is ours.

Extension Professional employs an acetone-free solution to ensure that the hair is not damaged during the removing process.

The necessity of the bond and remover’s composition is something that many people overlook.

If these don’t work well together and include the correct elements, removal will be difficult and harmful to natural hair.

How To Care For Your Fusion Hair Extensions ?

Be it hot fusion or cold fusion extensions, taking care of your hair is quite important.

1. Step 1: Products

To keep fusion hair extensions from becoming dry and lifeless, use high-quality hair products. Make sure you’re not using anything with sulphates.

It can cause the connection to break down more quickly than desired and strip the colour and vital oils. At all times, use light-weight items so that the extensions don’t get clogged.

2. Step 2: Brushing

Brushing the fusion hair extensions properly is essential. They can unwind their hair without hurting it using a soft bristle brush, looper brush, or nylon extension brush.

Brushing and detangling fusion hair extensions is identical to detangling and brushing natural hair. Begin from the bottom of their head and work your way to the top. It helps to hold the part in one hand while detangling it with the other to avoid strain on the hair.

3. Step 3: Washing

The fusion hair extensions must be washed on a regular basis. Wash the extensions from top to bottom in a leisurely motion, carefully massaging the shampoo into the hair, then rinse.

To minimize tangles, massage the conditioner through the hair from the mid-shaft to the endings. Not to scrub their hair too forcefully since this could cause matting or breaking.

4. Step 4: Sleeping

We usually recommend sleeping with their fusion hair extensions in a loose ponytail or a low braid to keep them from tangling.

Also, don’t put their fusion hair extensions to bed damp. It can result in horrendous matting of the attachments as well as their hair.

5. Step 5: Trimming

Even the highest-quality extensions, like natural hair, require regular upkeep. A haircut using the fusion hair extensions should be done every 5-6 weeks. It also allows you to observe how they keep the extensions up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How Long Does Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

It can last somewhere between 2-4 months with proper care.

• Are Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Damaging?

For a variety of reasons, cold fusion extensions are less harmful than hot fusion extensions. Cold fusion extensions are much gentler to remove than hot extensions since they don’t involve using acetone to break the bonds, which is a harmful chemical to natural hair.

• Can You Reuse Cold Fusion Hair Extensions?

No, you cannot reuse cold fusion hair extensions.

• Can You Swim With Fusion Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can swim with fusion hair extensions, but it shouldn’t be in chlorine water for a long time.

Final Words

If you are thinking between hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions, this article will solve your confusion.
Understand the difference between the two and make the right kind selection.

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