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Skin Diet: These Vitamin A-Rich Foods May Promote Clear And Healthy Skin

Skin Diet

For Skin Diet these vitamin A-rich foods can promote clear, healthy skin. Skin Care: Nutrients, particularly vitamins, are considered a boon for our skin. Vitamin A is one of those vitamins that is an excellent option for nourishing the skin.

When planning ourdiet, we often focus on physical health and ignore skin health. We must never forget that what we eat is reflected in our skin.

More than topical treatments, our diet affects the health of our skin, so considering which foods work best is a good idea.

Nutrition, particularly vitamins, are granted a boon for our skin. Vitamin A is one of those vitamins that is an excellent option for nourishing the skin.

skin diet

Benefits of Vitamin A for the Skin

Vitamin A contains retinol, which promotes the production and growth of new skin cells.

Vitamin A is packing with antioxidants like beta-carotene, which can fight free radicals, which break down collagen and cause premature aging.

That’s not all; Vitamin A also understood to protect against harmful sun rays.

Foods Abundant in Vitamin A for the Skin best for Skin Diet

skin diet


Bright red vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin A and fortunately are often used in everyday cooking.

In addition to adding tomatoes as an essential ingredient for our sauces, you can also use them to prepare tomato soup and tomato chutney.


Carrot is another common vegetable used in both Indian and international cuisine.

According to experts, one cup of carrots can provide about 334 percent of your daily vitamin A needs.


Green leafy herbs like palak and methi are also loading with vitamin A.

Include these vegetables in your everyday diet and make all those delicious Indian sabzis with them.

Red Pepper

This type of pepper tastes great in pizzas, pasta, salads, and other exciting dishes. So next time you pick up that green bell pepper at the vegetable market, don’t ignore its red counterpart.


In addition to vitamin D, egg yolks also provide much vitamin A, which is excellent for our skin. Eat eggs in balance for good health and beautiful skin.


Pumpkin includes a type of carotenoid, alpha-carotene, which is converting to vitamin A in the form.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, 180 grams of pumpkin provides 2,100 micrograms of vitamin A.


Cauliflower-shaped cruciferous vegetables are loading with various vitamins and minerals, including high amounts of vitamin A.

Add broccoli to your salads, pasta, mixed vegetable sabzi, pizza, etc.

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