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Roller Weight Loss And Advanced Surgery

Roller Weight Loss

Roller Weight Loss

Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery comprise the only group of college-trained bariatric and advanced general laparoscopic surgeons in Arkansas.

Joshua Roller, Dr or LAP-BAND surgery and sleeve gastrectomy. These techniques help patients to control their weight and regain their health.

Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery physicians treat patients in Northwest Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This skilled team of surgeons also performs other minimally invasive procedures, including many that can alleviate or solve obesity-related medical problems.

The escalator challenge

Our demo video shows how Dr. Josh Roller provides a live example of the different weight issues that lead to increased BMI when attempting to climb a flight of stairs.

This exercise describes the difficulty that many of our clients and patients go through daily when carrying their extra weight with them.

Dr. Josh Roller and his family present how difficult it can be for those struggling with obesity and mobility.

So if he’s working and exploring fitness, weight loss options and want to start his journey to a healthier one, give us a call today.


The main goal of weight loss surgery is to help you live a better, healthier, and longer life.

We (do/complete) our weight loss procedures through Wide (operating through a few small cuts) Surgery (ALS), which in our opinion, is the safest and most helpful surgical method.

ALS is just flipside part of our mission to provide the most wide and patient-centered bariatric surgery program in Arkansas.



Our team understands that not everyone can be a candidate for surgical weight loss options.

We support weight loss in all its forms, including effective alternatives to surgery. These options include:


Orbera is a temporary unlearn placed in your stomach for up to six months to help us lose weight and lead a healthy life.


We also offer physician-led weight loss medical options such as nutritional advice, injections, and medications.


BodyTite is a minimally invasive solution that helps to reduce unwanted fat while smoothing and tightening the skin.

Six magic passes do with a foam roller to lose weight


You would whimsically have tried a foam roller when you went to the gym, right?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that foam roller exercises are the way to go if you want to lose weight.

Schaumtastic exercises that you can do with this simple role.

Thigh back roller

The back of the thigh roller smooths, firms, and thickens congested areas of the thighs.

To do the back thigh roll, you will need to sit on the floor with your legs extended.

Also, then lift your butt and place the registration on the back of your thighs, just above your knees.

It will help if you put your hands on the floor behind you to support yourself and put your weight on your hands.

Next, you need to press the palms of your hands and lift your body off the ground.

Rotate the smooth arms

Smooth arms help reduce excess fat in the upper arm and increase the tone of the triceps.

For this, you must lie on your right side with the Roller under your armpit perpendicular to your right arm.

Hip twist

Who didn’t want well-rounded hips? If you want, try this paper.

To do the hip twist, you need to lie on your right side and place the wrench under your right hip while keeping your right leg straight on the floor the entire time.

Now bend your left knee and put it on the ground in front of you for support and leverage.


There is nothing more demanding on your way to a lean body than sore muscles and a sore body.
The foam roller facilitates weight loss by promoting more profound muscle activation, improving blood circulation.

Rolling quads

Daily exercises often leave muscles tense, restrict freedom of movement.
Also, make training more difficult and painful. With the foam roller, you loosen your muscles, like when you warm up.

It moreover increases flexibility by reducing friction between muscle fibers and permitting increasingly thoroughbred to pump through the body, increasing metabolic rate.

Outer thigh roller

Due to anatomical differences, women have narrower outer thighs than men, which gives them a wider pelvic edge.
Unrolling the outer part of the thighs can help women, in particular, to make them firmer and more shapely.

Sample of how changing your diet can help prevent or treat disease and improve individual well-being

NAFLD occurs when the liver becomes “streaked” with fat, sometimes due to an unhealthy diet, such as excessive saturated fat intake.

If not thus treated, the condition can lead to life-threatening liver diseases, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer, the researchers said.

According to the study, the new zippy ingredient could moreover help fight cancer.

The US National Cancer Institute also notes the advantages of indole-3-carbinol in cruciferous vegetables, including its anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.

The latest study looked at the effects of indole concentrations in humans, animal models, and individual cells to determine the effect of indole on liver inflammation and its potential benefits for people with NAFLD.

Former Roller Weight Loss Employee Arrested

Roller claimed that Millard stole the money over 18 months, leading to her abrupt resignation in July.

She realized this when the company hired outside accounting support earlier to uncover irregularities in Millard’s money management and documentation.

According to the court order affidavit, Roller first suspected irregular activity in May when she received a credit card statement from the company for $ 3,900.
Also, She reviewed the purchases and later discovered that Millard was using the card to purchase a laptop for her personal use.

When Roller Millard confronted the computer, she gave it to him.

However, Roller then began investigating cash flow near the office and found that Millard pocketed customer payments for dietary supplements.

An employee in the accounting department began keeping copies of the records in February 2014.

Also, Roller used these documents to compare total sales of the dietary supplements to actual cash on deposit.

The mistake, according to the (statement sworn in court to be true), was $_$ 105,264.
Besides, In her lawsuit, Roller also claims that Millard violated a non-compete (responsibility/duty) by now working for the Mercy Clinic in Rogers.Related Searches

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