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Mirtazapine Withdrawal 101: Everything you Need To Know

As an antidepressant, Mirtazapine influences serotonin levels. When individuals begin withdrawing from the drug too quickly, symptoms of serotonin dysregulation may emerge. Rather than going “cold turkey,” tapering off slowly may minimize the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

For some people, even the most insignificant dose reduction is not enough to reduce the severity of symptoms. As a result, quality of life is disrupted for the time withdrawal symptoms are present. Holistic approaches help people ease the withdrawal of Mirtazapine by assisting them in tapering off the drug gradually.

The combination of holistic practices and gentle tapering off can make getting off the drug less painful. That said, everyone needs their own detox protocol to successfully wean off any drug or substance they are dependent on or addicted to. For more information on mirtazapine withdrawal, consider the information below.

Symptoms Of Mirtazapine Withdrawal

Reducing the amount of Mirtazapine you take can lead to symptoms as minor as irritability to as severe as nightmares. Other mirtazapine withdrawal symptoms may include dizziness, nausea, and tingling skin sensations (paresthesia). A sense of prickling may also occur.

Withdrawal is different for each person. Following an approach that reduces the intensity of mirtazapine withdrawal and integrates holistic support may be helpful.

Additional withdrawal symptoms include:

● aggression
● constipation
● digestive distress
● hallucinations

These are just a handful of symptoms that require rest in a safe environment, such as a hospital. When your body is dependent on a drug, it will do everything in its power to warn you that it is out of supply. This is why you will experience a vast range of withdrawal symptoms that affect all different parts of the body and interrupt clarity of mind.

At-Home Programs For Withdrawal

Purchase an at-home program to help you gradually detox from Mirtazapine using holistic approaches that give the receptors changed by the drug time to recover. Even with an at-home program, you will still be monitored by the guidance of the program’s team, which includes the involvement of your physician and pharmacist.

Holistic Approaches As Supportive Care

Nutraceuticals can ease the intensity of your mirtazapine withdrawal period, giving you support to wean off the drug from the comfort of your own home. It is crucial to recognize that at-home programs may be helpful tools, but they are not a substitute for medical care. Without a physician’s supervision, withdrawal from medications can be dangerous.

When detoxing from any drug, it is advised to be under the care and supervision of medical staff. It is ill-advised to detox on your own. The goal of an at-home program is to utilize the resources alongside working with your physician to determine the best approach to the withdrawal process.

Talk To Your Doctor About Holistic Withdrawal Support

If you’re struggling with symptoms of withdrawal or dependency from Mirtazapine, get in touch with an at-home holistic withdrawal program to successfully wean off the drug. Talk to your doctor about holistic support to determine the most effective plan for your mirtazapine withdrawal period.

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