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FK Your Diet

FK Your Diet

If you can forget the name, you can find some great food at FK Your Diet, a Fort Myers / Cape Coral restaurant that recently opened an Orlando location in SoSoDo. It is a breakfast and lunch point that serves conventional dishes with creative touches served in large portions.

Reason behind the name FK

Technically, F and K are supposed to represent the Foster Kid. The owner of the concept, Doug Miller, grew up as a foster child and has dedicated his business to helping children in similar situations. Admirable.

But Foster Kid, Your Diet doesn’t make sense. FK Your Diet works as a rough abbreviation for weight loss. This restaurant is not the only, nor the first, to resort to ironic rudeness. Famous sandwich shop Bad As thinks a well-placed apostrophe makes it a higher G-rated.

FK Your Food – Place To Get Diet Food

It not just about independent local eateries. The British owner of clothing or dress retailer French Connection boldly uses FCUK as its logo. Not very subtle.

But I guess only those of us of a certain age who remember when television was scandalous for the first time when Johnny Carson said hell on the Tonight Show would raise a prudish eye.

All About FK

I recently ordered breakfast and enjoyed it. And I enjoyed the leftovers even more. These are portions the size of Bubble Room. (That’s a reference for those old enough to get the fumes of a swear word.) By the way, ordering by phone was a pleasant experience. And when I got to the restaurant, which paints in all the colors of the Day-Glo mansion, someone brought the order before I could park my car.

FK Benny

The breakfast menu offers familiar dishes and stylish versions. For example, Eggs Benedict has several variations, all of which are called Benny’s (although, surprisingly, not omelets). I opted for It’s All Gravy Benny, which instead of muffins with sausage patties instead of ham, served a thick sausage sauce over flaky fitness cookies.

Someone in the kitchen knows how to boil eggs properly. The menu said they do with large eggs, but mine were poached instead, with only the white surrounding the still runny yolks. And it was nice that the sauce over Benny’s infusion at home where it wouldn’t get too mushy.

I thought another container with my order was a brown sauce for my partner’s fuzzy breakfast sandwich.
A strangely named concoction made with a scrambled egg-filled cookie (which looked more like a large omelet), topped with melted cheddar cheese and sausage (if you want you to be able to eat bacon, ham, or chorizo).
No sauce mention in the menu description, but what else could it be?

FK Menu

But just before I started pouring it over the sandwich, I gave it a sneak peek and found out that it was the glaze for the cinnamon bun that I ordered too. Disaster averted. And it turned out that I didn’t have to call the restaurant to inform them that they had left the frosting out of my order. But in my defense, the brown liquid didn’t look like cream cheese frosting.

But the goo emphasized the health sugary paper well. (On one of the take-out containers, it said, “We love you.” A reference to the glazing would also have been desirable).

Both breakfast items came with lots of chips. You can eat fresh fruit for weight loss if you want, but at this point, you can as well as the name of the restaurant suggests.

And for those who still don’t attempt to frequent a restaurant that nods to a vulgar term, I say foster children when they can’t take a joke.

FK Your Diet is located at 5406 Hansel Ave., Orlando (map).

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