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6 Essential Items to Bring To an Addiction Recovery Center

Some addiction recovery centers have stringent rules and policies regarding what you are supposed to bring. They mainly check for drug substances or any other thing which could harm.

However, you should not feel isolated when going through the rehabilitation process. One has the right to bring those items that will make you feel at home. And beware that rehabilitation is for making one’s life and not a form of punishment.

You will find an addiction recovery center with a packing list to sort out the things you have since some may not be very important or are in the recovery center. This article outlines the six essential items you should carry to an addiction treatment center.

1.  Personal Hygiene Products

Although some hygienic products are in an addiction recovery center, there are some extras that you might need to have for yourself. Depending on the policies in the treatment center, you may be required to have your own hygiene products like toothpaste, and a toothbrush. You should also have your favorite lotion, products, or things to style your hair.

2.  Pack Adequate Clothing

One must carry enough clothing for the time you will be there since you may not have access to cleaning facilities most of the time. It is also good to remember that the room allocated to you may not be spacious enough to contain all your laundry. So carry clothes that are light and suitable for the environment. Keep in mind that most centers have restrictions on dressing codes, so you should know their dressing code restrictions before packing.

3.  Contacts for Your Friends and Relatives

Due to restrictions in an addiction recovery center or some other factors such as distance and schedules, you may not get a chance to see your loved ones every time you need them, but you can easily reach them on the phone whenever you need to talk to them.

4.  Have Your Bank Cards To Facilitate Transaction

It is important to note that there are some things you may need to buy during your stay in the addiction recovery center. Although you may not be allowed to get out to buy for yourself, someone is assigned to help you.

5.  Bring Your Medication to an Addiction Recovery Center

Having your medication and other prescriptions will help you to recover quickly and be out of the treatment center in a short time. Drug Prescriptions also serve as a guide to addiction treatment professionals as they administer a new treatment.

6.  Have Your Medical Examination and Health Insurance Card

A medical examination report will help the treatment center know if you might have other underlying health complications requiring special facilities and treatment. A health insurance card is also essential when paying for some of the expenses covered by the insurance.


You should carry the items you need to an addiction treatment center. However, some are in the recovery center. You can bring the extras—personal hygiene items, contacts for your loved ones, and your favorite clothing.

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