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Is a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy worth opting for?

Is a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy worth opting for?

Pharmacy is an excellent career option that opens doors to various lucrative employment opportunities in the global labour market. With a b pharmacy degree from a noted university, you can land well-paying jobs in private laboratories, food industry, cosmetic industry, or the government sector as Drug Inspects, Pharmacists, Project Managers, Business Research Analyst, Quality Control Officer, Medical Underwriters. The B Pharmacy degree also allows you to open your drugstore.Aspirants seeking B Pharmacy admissions can read on to find out in-depth knowledge about the course and its career outlook.

B Pharmacy: Introduction, Entry Requirements, Career Paths

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharmacy) is a four-year undergraduate programme divided into eight semesters. This four-year course deals with the study of medicines. Additionally, you will gain a deep understanding of health and chemical science during the course. The programme focuses on developing students’ knowledge of various drugs and their uses and side effects.

B Pharmacy syllabus: Major B Pharmacy subjects that are covered in the four-year programme include pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and pharmacognosy, inorganic medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, human anatomy. In addition to the major subjects, the B Pharmacy syllabus also contains electives such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics.

Entry requirements: To become eligible to pursue B Pharmacy, you must have completed classes 10 and 12 with a minimum of 50 per cent marks. You must have sought Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, and English as significant subjects in class 12. However, the minimum requirement to pursue the programme depends upon different Pharmacy colleges.

Entrance examination: Aspirants need to take JEE-Mains or NEET to get admission in the B Pharmacy. Some top private universities also accept applicants on board merit basis.

Pharmacy career opportunities

Here is the list of prominent roles in the pharmacy sector:

  1. Pharmacist
  2. Drug Inspector
  3. Pharmacy Dispenser
  4. Pharmacy Assistant
  5. Pharmacy Technician
  6. Research and Development
  7. Researcher
  8. Academic
  9. Hospital Pharmacist
  10. Government and NGO roles

How much do B Pharmacy graduates earn in India?

An entry-level B Pharmacy graduate in India makes INR 2,40,000 per annum. The salary of B Pharmacy graduates dramatically varies based on their skills, experiences, and location.

An Overview of Indian Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry in India is the largest provider of generic drugs across the world. India ranks third globally for pharmaceutical production by volume and fourteenth by value in this highly competitive environment. According to the IBEF, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is valued at USD 42 billion in 2021 and will likely reach USD 130 billion by 2030. The pharma industry in India has a strong network of 3,000 drug companies and 10,500 manufacturing units.


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