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Improving Sleep Without Medication: Is it Really Possible?

Improving Sleep Without Medication: Is it Really Possible? Getting enough rest can be extremely frustrating. Whether you struggle with a constant pattern of anxious thoughts or are trying to change your sleeping time so you can get up a bit earlier, being constantly tired is terrible for your quality of life.

The tips below may reduce your frustration and help you feel refreshed when the alarm goes off.

Set a Caffeine Cut-Off

The world runs on coffee, but make sure you stop your coffee intake at lunchtime. One of the challenges many caffeine hounds squatter as they get older is that the late-in-the-day coffee that used to energize you now leaves you feeling edgy and sleepless.

Keep a caffeine periodical and track your sleepiness once you turn off the coffee pot. Set a weekly goal to reduce your caffeine intake each week to avoid the headache.

Create a Nest

Turn your sleeping area into a sleeping-only area. Consider misting the area with a lavender fragrance to help you relax before bed and train your brain to relax when you smell that scent. Make sure your sleeping area is

  • appropriately soft
  • dark
  • cool
  • quiet

If you need a little noise to sleep, use white noise instead of the television to cut down on light exposure. Screen light tells your brain that it’s light outside, so winding down can be much harder.

Reduce Light Exposure

If you’ve been fighting the use of a medicated sleeping aid, get a little radical about your light exposure. Put your phone charger in the bathroom or the kitchen so you have to get out of bed to use your phone.

Consider also turning off the television and computer an hour before bed. Turn off overhead lights and just use lamps to allow your home to darken. Another option is to use candlelight alone in the thirty minutes leading up to bedtime. Put on your pajamas and brush your teeth right after supper to cut back on snacking and carry your candle to your bedside so you can blow it out before you lay your head on the pillow.

Use CBD to Increase Sleepiness

A full dose of CBD can be anywhere from 1 to 6 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. Start with just 1 mg and use a sublingual CBD dose to help you feel sleepy. If 1 mg works, stay there. You can’t build up a tolerance to CBD as you can to other sleeping aids.

In addition to a sublingual oil, many who use CBD products from places like cbdMD also like to stack their dose. If you pair a CBD gummie with your sublingual dose, you can extend the benefits. Edible CBD doses need to be digested to affect your sleep, while a sublingual dose will enter the bloodstream immediately.

Getting unbearable sleep is key to good health and happy life. If you are struggling to get unbearable sleep, you may start to dread going to bed. This stress will make it even harder to fall asleep. Train your brain to wind down by reducing light. Use CBD to shut down anxious thoughts and fall asleep.


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