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How to Start a Career as a Sports Massage Therapist

There are many people who practice massage therapy. Many of them do so to treat their patients or themselves after suffering from injuries caused by sporting activities. In addition, they also offer special services such as relaxation, stress management and even pregnancy massages. Although there are plenty of jobs that involve massage therapy, not everyone has the chance to work as a professional in that field.

Although there aren’t too many requirements needed to become a sports massage therapist, several skills are required to succeed in that type of work. Read on to learn more about these prerequisites and whether or not you’ll be able to meet them.

Prerequisites to become a sports massage therapist

Consider getting a degree from an accredited field

While having a training certificate has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks, such as the inability to assess client ailments. Instead, customers are referred to you by more competent practitioners for particular treatments or activities. If you want to deal with clients more closely and identify their ailments, you might consider getting an undergraduate degree. Degrees typically concentrate on a broad topic, like sports therapy, and incorporate content from allied fields such as biology and sports science.

Acquire a license 

Another thing you need to know is that becoming a sports massage therapist requires a license. This means that you will have to pass a test given by the state physical therapy board (if necessary). The exam covers anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, pathology, pharmacology and other subjects related to the field.

Skills required 

You must also be physically fit to work as a sports massage therapist. Most therapists use their hands to apply pressure to specific body areas. As a result, you must be strong enough to withstand the pain of this type of work. In addition to being healthy, you must also have good communication skills. Since you’ll be dealing with athletes, you’ll probably talk to them. Therefore, you should be comfortable speaking to others and listening to what they say.

The Bottom Line 

If you think that you’d enjoy being a sports massage therapist, you might want to consider taking a course on how to give massages. Once you feel confident in your skills, you can look into opening your own business.

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