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How to Keep Your Summer Clothes in Great Condition

Fall is right in the corner, and winter is fast approaching.

Seasons are fast-changing, and it has always been an exciting yet daunting task when doing seasonal wardrobe swaps.

It is time to find a place to store summer clothes. It may be tempting to put away everything into a few plastic bags. Although it is time-saving to chuck everything, storing your summer clothes safely makes them maintain in excellent condition.

1.Sort Summer Clothes

Before you do anything else, it is important to reevaluate your wardrobe. As we are leaving a season and entering a new one, here are three piles you should do to determine what you will do with the summer clothes: keep, donate, and throw away.

  • Keeping summer clothes mean you are looking forward to meeting them again the next season. Most for keeps summer clothes are the ones that never go out of style even after years.
  • Donate unused clothes. Clothes are filing the landfill these days.
  • Throw it away. Well, there are clothes that have to be dumped in a garbage bag. These clothes could be damaged, stained, or worn out.

You should sort your summer clothes before heading to the laundry service.

2.Wash Summer Clothes

The summer just ended, and it will take us another cycle to experience it again. It is important to put worn clothes in the washer to ensure you preserve their optimum condition.

If you do not wash your clothes before storing them, you invite bacteria and moths to cultivate around your summer clothes. Put away every summer clothes you have. Moths and bacteria tend to enjoy the sweet smell of perfume or enjoy the remnants of food.

When you are busy enough to wash all summer clothes, it is best to rely on the laundry service near you.

3.Do Not Use Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags

Using plastic dry bags after washing your laundry is not the best option. Plastic dry-cleaning bags trap moisture and storing damp clothes results in sour-smelling ones. It makes your laundry unsuccessful. Moreover, the moisture may create a stain on your fibers. That’s when yellow stains from the trapped moisture came from.

4.Use Moth Repellents

Moths love to nibble down on clothes. Your summer clothes must have a pack of moth repellants nearby. Most natural laundry products use cedar wood or lavenders to deter those dreaded moth holes in clothes.

5.Store Clothes Cleverly

You have to store your summer clothes in a clever location to protect them. Make your storage or wardrobe made-to-measure to ensure your clothes are easily accessible.

Storing summer clothes properly maintains their good condition. It prevents molds from growing into the clothes, and color discoloration is inevident. Clothes are your seasonal investment, do not waste your money by not giving the right love and care to your clothes.

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