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Here Are Some Great Exercises That Will Keep You Fit In Your Plunge Pool!

A plunge pool can be an excellent addition to your home. If you’re looking for a pool that you can use in various ways – from exercising to relaxing in, then a plunge pool can be perfect. If you have a plunge pool installed in your backyard, then you can stay fit without ever needing to step out of your home.

Exercises done in the water can be useful when it comes to burning fat, as well as toning the muscles. At the same time, you and your family can also enjoy hours spent having fun in your fibreglass pool. You simply need to develop an exercising routine and stick to it to enjoy exercising in your pool.

What are the benefits of exercising in your plunge pool?

Newcastle swimming pools, in general, can be great for exercising in, but plunge pools are special when it comes to exercising in. This is because they are perfect if you’re specifically looking for a pool to regularly work out in. They are also cheaper than traditional pools, as they are a lot smaller in size. This also means that it’s a lot faster to heat up a plunge pool.

If you add a pool cover to your plunge pool, then you can keep using your plunge pool throughout the year. If you have any sports injuries or deal with joint pain, have issues with balance, or are pregnant, then a plunge pool can be a better choice for you as well.

Plunge pool exercises are considered low impact, and they are also high resistance. You can tailor plunge pool exercises to meet the needs of multiple fitness levels. You can enjoy strength training, as well as cardio workouts in your plunge pool.

Plunge pools may not be great for swimming laps in, but they give you the space to do great cardio workouts. Various major groups of muscle in your body can be activated by exercising in water. You can also build up your cardiovascular endurance levels. Because of the physical resistance provided by the water, water exercises, despite being low impact, are high intensity as well. This means that you need to push your way through the water-resistance to exercise in the water.

Exercises you can do in a plunge pool

There are various workouts you can do every day in your plunge pool. You can tone your muscles by exercising in your plunge pool and improve your fitness as well. Here are five exercises you can try in your plunge pool:

  1. Water Walking

Also known as water jogging, this is a great aerobic exercise and is excellent for weight loss as well. Enter your plunge pool and take some steps forward in it. Then start walking backward. You can start off with small steps to keep this exercise easy.

When you’re ready to make it more difficult, you can increase the intensity of your movement. Slowly increase the tempo you use to walk forward and backward until you’re almost jogging in place. After thirty seconds, reduce the tempo so that you’re walking back and forth again. This exercise can be done for five minutes. Alternate between walking and jogging every thirty seconds. This is a great exercise to improve your cardiovascular health, as well as help you to tone your muscles.

  1. Water Aerobics Using a Ball

Another great way to reduce weight by working out in the water is water aerobics, using a ball. These exercises are great for burning fat as well. When you add a ball to your plunge pool exercises routine, you add resistance training to your regimen as well.

An example of an exercise you can do with a ball is to hold the ball in front of your chest. Now lift up one of your legs while you’re in the water. For this exercise, you’ll need to support yourself while standing on one leg while holding the ball in front of your chest. Hold this position for thirty seconds, then bring your leg down. Now raise the other leg, and balance yourself for another thirty seconds. Alternate between both legs, balancing yourself on one leg while holding the ball.

Do this for at least ten reps on each leg.

  1. Exercises With Pool Noodles

Pool noodles can also give you plenty of ways to exercise in. Exercises with pool noodles can help you to engage your core, as well as the area around your shoulder.

One exercise you can do with a pool noodle is to hold it in front of you. Then, apply pressure on the pool noodle until you’re pushing it down. Do this until it reaches the level of your legs. Now, release the pool noodle. Repeat this for at least thirty reps.

Another exercise you can try is to place the pool noodle under the armpits while extending it around the back. Now, while holding the pool noodle in this position, start doing crunches. Your legs should be straight during the start of the exercise, and then you pull your legs in towards your chest. This exercise should be done for at least twenty reps.

  1. Arm circle exercises

Arm circle exercises allow you to strengthen and tone the muscles in your arms. To do this exercise, you will first need to enter your plunge pool until you’re submerged to your neck. Then, raise your arms on both sides of your body until they are at shoulder level. Now, begin to rotate the arms in forward circles.

Do this slowly at first, and then gradually increase the speed. Do this exercise for twenty reps before you start rotating your arms backwards.

  1. Exercises with workout accessories

You can purchase weights, as well as other workout accessories that you can use in your pool. You can find weights that are specifically meant for exercising in water. Consider investing in wrist weights, arm weights, leg weights, foam dumbbells, kickboards, as well as other workout accessories.


Practice the exercises in this guide in your plunge pool, and start enjoying the health benefits today.

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