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Hair transplant before and after: Get excellent results in Turkey

People seeking affordable, high-quality hair transplants now frequently travel to Turkey. Turkey is a popular place to receive hair transplants because the medical procedures there are praised as some of the best and are less expensive than in the United States and other European nations.

It is hard to discuss hair transplantation without mentioning the Hair transplant before and after the result. Turkey is now known for providing hair transplant surgeries that are both affordable and of great quality, which is why more and more individuals are drawn to it.

How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkish hair transplants cost 70% less than British ones. However, the bundle you choose will determine the final cost.

Yes, you read that correctly. You are paid according to the number of grafts in your nation.

But our Turkish partner clinic offers a full-service system. Regardless matter how many grafts are implanted into your scalp, the price remains the same.

For instance, an FUE hair transplant costs €2,600 in Turkey (complete package). However, you’ll wind up paying €8,500 in the UK (treatment cost only).

How much do 4000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

4000 hair grafts are roughly equivalent to 10000 hair strands in hair transplantation. The cost of 4000 grafts ranges from €1,500 to €4,500. Average package costs are €5,700 in Germany, €6,500 in the UK, €5,950 in Spain, and €5,300 in Poland. When each graft is charged for, the price of a 4000 graft hair transplant may range from € 6000 to € 14000.

Why is Turkey so cheap for hair transplants

Hair transplant before and after: Get excellent results in Turkey

Depending on the surgeon you select and the number of grafts required, the cost of hair transplants in Turkey starts at about €1,650. In contrast, the cost of treatment in the UK is often around €10,000. This amplifies how much money can be saved by receiving medical care abroad. The question “Why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey?” is one that many patients frequently ask. The country’s lower cost of living and labour is the main factor causing hair transplant pricing in Turkey to be less expensive than in other European nations.

Regarding its medical infrastructure, Turkey has worked hard to achieve a high degree of modernization, which means that its facilities meet or even exceed international norms. You can select from the most cutting-edge technologies and procedures for your hair transplant in Turkey, including follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI).

How do I choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are hundreds of facilities that offer hair transplant procedures. To choose among the many clinics and obtain the best outcome, we need to consider a few things: professional staff, advanced technology, etc.

Personalized Hairline Calculation

A person’s age and distinctive facial shapes are crucial factors in determining the hairline. After a hair transplant, it is vitalto maintain a natural appearance. What factors go into deciding the hairline?

  1. The size of the implanting area and the person’s age.
  2. The beginning and ending locations of the person’s facial muscles (hair grafts cannot be implanted into the facial muscles because when you laugh or are surprised, your muscles move as well, and these grafts that are implanted in the muscles also move up and down, destroying the naturalness.)
  3. Planning is based on the balance of the golden ratio and anatomical appearance.
  4. Control of the balance using a millimetre and a laser tool.
  5. Making the hairline as near to the natural one as possible without making it entirely straight or too sunken.

Professional staff

Hair transplantation requires collaboration, and the team needs to be successful, knowledgeable about hair transplantation, and responsible. The team’s composition of skilled medical professionals who excel in their fields and have established themselves by working in this industry for many years is the most crucial factor in hair transplantation success.

Advanced Technology

One thing that improves the success of hair transplantation is the use of high-tech products. To make hair transplantation more pleasant and achieve the best efficiency in the technology field today, businesses must have access to all technological developments. For instance, local anaesthetic was once administered solely using a needle, and the needle-free painless anaesthetic procedure is now used to assuage the person’s suffering as much as feasible. Denser implantation is possible with the FUE Sapphire and the DHI methods, which allow for implantation between the existing hairs without shaving. Technology plays a crucial part in hair transplant procedures.

Graft vs Hair Strands

The number of grafts and hair strands is introduced differently in certain countries, like Spain and South Korea; however, in Turkey, hair transplantation grafts are counting over the grafts. The graft is the medical term for the hair follicle, and one graft of hair may have 1-2-3 or even 4 hair strands. The quality of the hair follicles in the donor location is correlated with this amount of hair strands. The job quality and the implanted grafts’ coverage are improved when these grafts are combined with groups of hair strands.

Why Cosmedica Clinic?

Hair transplant before and after: Get excellent results in Turkey

If you’ve ever pondered getting a hair transplant, you may have thought of getting one in Turkey.

Patients worldwide flock to Istanbul for their surgeries, making Turkey an increasingly attractive choice for those seeking cosmetic surgery. Treating thin hair or hair loss with a hair treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic operations.

You should see a medical expert, such as your GP, who can determine whether a hair transplant is appropriate for you before deciding whether it is. It’s also crucial to conduct independent research regarding the clinic you need to go to and the quality of their outcomes.

The procedure is provided by various facilities both domestically and internationally. You might need to consider going to the Cosmedica clinic if you determine that one of the hair transplantation clinics in Turkey is the best choice.

Three factors influence people’s decision to have their hair transplant at the Cosmedica clinic:

Experienced surgeons

Dr.LeventAcar is the principal surgeon of Cosmedica who performs hair transplants. Dr.Acar has been execution hair transplants for over 16 years and believes that he has carried out thousands of hair transplant surgeries throughout that time.

Dr.Acar can walk you through every step of your procedure because he speaks English, German, and Turkish fluently. He will also be present throughout the entire process, from the earliest consultations to surgery.

Despite being a German native, Dr.LeventAcar earned his medical degree from Istanbul’s University Capa Medical Faculty. He has now completed more medical training in other cosmetic surgery specialties and disciplines, including fillers, FUE, laser therapy, and mesotherapy.

An award-winning clinic

To specialize in hair transplants for domestic and foreign patients, Dr.Acar launched Cosmedica in 2011. Due to the clinic’s expertise in Turkish hair transplants, it has received numerous honours over the years.

Cosmedica has won the WhatClinic Award three years in a row, and in 2020, it also won the Patient Clinic Award for being Istanbul’s top hair transplant facility.

They received the Customer Service Award multiple times as a result of the feedback from their patients.

Free advice and analysis of your hair

You will be allowed to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation before deciding to have a hair transplant at Cosmedica. First, you will email a picture of your hair and the places you want to be treated, and Dr.Acar will formally evaluate it.

Then, you’ll receive your free evaluation from his medical staff and guidance on Dr.Acar’s suggested course of action and the hair transplant procedures he thinks you should have done.

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