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How Does Your Diet Affect Your Ability To Beat Addiction

-Do you consume Alcohol 00.hol excessively?

-Are you jostling with  Substance abuse?

-Can’t you really get back to normalcy?

Give us a  few minutes and you will be able to extract lots of important inputs from this writing.

This might provide you with effective knowledge and deeper awareness regarding the subject.

The following Article puts to the forefront the negative effects of Addiction and stress upon the importance of Diet to the Human Body.

What Happens To Your Food Habit When You Are Addicted? 

According to the American Psychological Association, Addiction is Chronic Disorder.

Different factors like Society, Surrounding Ambiances, Biology, and the Environment help develop and maintain it.

In this stage of life, you are not able to have control over one particular habit, say drugs. You tend to psychologically succumb rather than give in to your addictive mind. More you could know on Addiction as they are available via Pinnacle Recovery.

Certain elements like  Stress, Trauma, Family feud, Bad time in office, and other environmental factors are held responsible for your degenerating health and psychological conditions.

The Problem drastically affects your food consumption which is the prime source for getting energy.

When you are addicted:

  • You tend to consume a lesser amount of food.
  • You skip meals and only go for the ones that are not nutritious enough for your body.
  • You don’t know it increases the speed at which the body soaks up your energy.
  • You feel fatigued too early and can not stop resorting to your addiction for instant relief.
  • You end up damaging your gut so that it can’t absorb the nutrients built up in your body system.

Different Forms Of Addiction And Its Harmful  Effect On Body

There are different elements that can inflict your body and consequently, repercussions are manifested in the body.

Alcohol affects your Immune System and affects important body parts like Liver and Pancreas. It increases complications like Severe Malnutrition, diabetes, high Blood Pressure.

Substance Abuse harms the human body in two distinctive ways:

  • Firstly, the substance itself affects the body system.
  • Secondly, a negative lifestyle emanates from poor diet and eating habits.

Opiates affect the entire Gastrointestinal System of the body and result in Diarrhea, Nausea, and Vomiting. 

Stimulants like Cocaine and Methamphetamine also cause great problems to the body. This results in developing poor appetite, poor nutrition, and consequently loss of Weight. 

Therefore, it is inferred that all the aforementioned Addictions take a heavy toll on the human body. They directly and covertly affect the human food system, and digestive systems to make us weak and feeble.

Consequently, we can build any resistance against Addiction and put our hands up before Addiction.

Do You Know What DIET Is???

In simple  Terms, Diet denotes the food that we eat to stay healthy, socialize and maintain the pace of life. In other terms, diet means intaking specific nutrition for health management.  Every one of us- Common people, Bodybuilders, Athletes need a healthy diet!!

Now you might ask what is a Healthy Diet  ??

According to the definition of the World Health Organisation, a healthy diet protects one against malnutrition, non Communicable diseases like Heart Attacks, Cancer Stroke, Diabetes.

Diet also has different connotations when discussed from the perspective of Addiction and its control.

Some Interesting Facts about Diet 

There are some interesting facts that you need to know regarding diet. You might not know them all.

  • Healthy Dietary Practices start as early as BreastFeeding and this is the reason it is opined that Mother’s Milk is best for children.
  • There must be a balance between energy drinks and energy expenditure.
  • Total Fat Should Not Exceed more than 30% of the total Energy Intake.
  • One must limit consumption to 10% of the total food and energy intake.

How Does Right Food Intake Beats Addiction?

Now you are already addicted and you need to try and move towards recovery. This denotes you need to get out of the shackles psychologically and then the path of rehabilitation will unfold itself.

Therefore, you need to start with bringing in changes in your diet plan. You could design your own diet or get it done by a dietician. Your diet must have the dietary requirements to keep you agile and healthy. This could resist Addiction.

Whatever it might be, the common intersecting or generic advice I am mentioning here might help you.

Firstly, you need to eat nutritious meals and Snacks. Nutritive Snacks and Food have the capacity to beat Addiction as it keeps one energetic for change.

Secondly, You need to stick to your regular meal times. Prepare your diet plan and work according to it with the strictest terms possible. This might help in improving upon your physical quotient. This will definitely help combat and beat Addiction for good.

Thirdly, remember that a healthy physique is the first requisite to getting recovery from any kind of Addiction. Your Diet must conform to your physical routine. This will create an energetic mind that invites a changed mentality (of beating Addiction).

In your Diet, you must add Proteins, Complex carbohydrates as well as dietary fibers for sure. This really helps get the proper recovery. This will expedite your recovery from Addiction.

Take Vitamin and Mineral supplements and take them only at the prescription or counseling of your family physicians. Please Please do not experiment with your body.

Now, What Does A Nutritionist Do??

The Nutritionist you consult will listen to the issues with minute details and based on your inputs provided an opposite lifestyle changing diet will be prepared.

This must-have certain nutrients that are good enough to fight nutritive ingredients at first hand. They will prescribe:

  • Vitamin A, C, and B family
  • Zinc and Magnesium
  • Electrolytes and Fatty Acids
  • Sodium and Potassium

This will directly develop the body system that you have. Therefore it could be understood that a healthy body system is quite effective in fighting Addiction.

Firstly you must have the faith in yourself that you will be able to beat Addiction. Only then you will be able to fight any kind of Addiction that you are Grappling and Jostling with.


In conclusion it could be said that a healthy diet plan is touted to be extremely beneficial to one who plans to recover from any kind of Addiction.

A healthy lifestyle depends on the food. Food is the first requisite of good health and good Psychology. One needs to take note that they prepare a good diet chart or get it prepared from a Dietician.

If you are willing to beat Addiction for good, remember, you must start right from the basics with improved food habits. Otherwise, any kind of medication won’t really work for you.

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