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Complete Children’s Health, Committed To Your Children’s Care

About Complete Children’s HealthAbout complete children's health


Complete Children’s Health is a combination practice with 1 location. Total Children’s Health currently specializes in internal medicine/pediatrics, neurology, pediatrics, and adolescent medical with six physicians.

Complete Children’s Health in 2008 in Moonee Ponds. We are an innovative pediatric practice that aims to provide a welcoming and child-friendly environment where families and children.

However, the clinic aims to provide comprehensive pediatric care to the Moonee Valley community.

Also, the western suburbs of Melbourne in a multidisciplinary setting. Our services include pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and related healthcare professionals.

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Pediatric Speech Pathology

A speech pathologist is a college-trained allied health and physical fitness professional who works with both children and adults. Speech pathologists are training to evaluate, diagnose.

Also, intervene in people with a communication disability. Also, communication includes speaking, listening, listening, understanding, social skills, reading, writing, and voice.

Communication Disability Can Have Difficulties

Articulation (generation of a speech sound)

Besides, Language (receptive language – understanding instructions and meanings and expressive language – putting words together and understanding)

Fluency (stuttering)

Literacy (includes reading and understanding what writing)

Social communication (how we communicate and understand the rules of social communication necessary to build a successful relationship with another person)

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General pediatrics

CCH general pediatricians are experts in caring for children and adolescents from birth to 18 years old with many different diseases and conditions,


Firstly, Acute illnesses such as infections or asthma.

Newborn screenings

Baby feeding, growth, and sleep problems

Allergy, eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Also, Bedwetting, incontinence (contamination or enuresis), work problems, and constipation

Concerns about growth and puberty

Weight control

Trouble sleeping

Lastly, Diabetes, thyroid problems, and vitamin D deficiency

Developmental And Behavioral Pediatrics

Also, Pediatricians trained in developmental and behavioral pediatrics are experts in the evaluation and management of a variety of conditions, including:


Firstly, Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Secondly, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Developmental delay

Anxiety and depression

Trouble dealing with anger

Challenging and oppositional behavior

Tic disorder and Tourettes syndrome

Lastly, learning disabilities and language disorders

Pediatric Nutritionist

Nutritionists are university-qualified health and fitness professionals who understand how your body works and how the foods.

Also, beverages you consume help nourish healthy people and those with conditions that are affected or treated by diet.

A nutritionist can help you separate fact from fiction and distinguish healthy eating plans from those that do not provide optimal nutrition.

Also, they use their knowledge and skills to create a plan for your family to improve its overall health and well-being.

However, our Complete Children’s Health nutritionists specialize in a variety of nutritional services for children and adolescents.All about complete children's health


Pediatric Nutrition Offerings Include

Bad growth


Aggressive food

Gastrointestinal problems (including celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease)


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