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Causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome – Explained

Causes Of Snapping Hip Syndrome: Snapping hip syndrome is one of the most common conditions that can strike as people age. Learn what you need to know about this condition and why treatment is imperative.

A Snapping Sensation

The name snapping hip refers to the fact that the condition creates a snapping sensation in the hip. In fact, there’s often a clearly heard ‘popping’ noise that happens as the hip is flexed and then extended forward. Snapping hip syndrome has many causes.

In general, this is what happens when the hip’s tendons get caught on the bony protrusions and then snap as the person moves their hips. While the condition can have multiple causes, there are a few essential common causes.

If you feel your hips making a strange sound and you find you have some hip issues, these are terms you should know about when you head to the doctor.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band is a wide and thick tendon that drops across the hip. As people engage in heavy exercise, the iliotibial band can snap over what is known as the greater trochanter.

The greater trochanter is the part of the hip bone that juts out from the hip joint. You can often feel this one if you run your hands over the sides of your hips.

Over time, as it snaps over the body, this can create a condition known as hip bursitis. That is why you need to treat snapping hip syndrome quickly.

Iliopsoas Tendon Snap

The iliopsoas tendon is a tendon that passes directly in front of your hip joint. As such, it is your primary hip muscle. This is another tendon that can catch on the hip and cause a snapping sensation.

This is another condition that you should know about as it happens. It may indicate there are additional problems with your overall hip health. Overuse of this muscle may cause issues with your hips and muscle joints.

Hip Labral Tear

One of the least common causes of snapping hip is a labral tear, which typically involves the cartilage within the hip joint itself. Sometimes you might have a loose flap of cartilage that can become caught on the hip bones.

You might notice snapping sounds as you move. This is an injury to what is known as the labrum. The labrum is a soft tissue that covers your hip socket and helps protect it against injury.

The labrum is designed to help ensure smooth movement as you walk or run. This is the part of your body that keeps the hip bone and socket in place without allowing the bones to scrape against each other.

A tear in the labral can be quite a serious matter. You might feel hip pain, stiffness as you move or even find it hard to walk. Medical attention is a must.

This is one condition that needs lots of care. If you hear any hip snapping noises, get to a doctor or consult Joint Academy for expert advice.

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