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All About Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food A must-have in your bag, bathroom, and car, we call it a little green magic tube because it can do just about anything. This multi-purpose skin cream with gentle plant-based ingredients intensely hydrates and supports the skin’s natural balance while soothing irritation and pain.

Loved by celebrities and makeup artists worldwide, this multitasking moisturizer can be used for anything and has various uses. Here are my favorite ways to use skin food.

Makeup Primer

Ideal as a pre-moisturizer before applying mineral foundation to create a flawless hydrated base for longer-lasting makeup. Apply a thin layer to your face, allow it to absorb, then use your favorite makeup brush to buff your mineral foundation on top for long-lasting, dewy full coverage.

Soothing Eye Cream

plumping the under-eye area if you’re like us and never seem to get enough sleep. For an extra moisture boost, simply pat around the eye area (over your daily moisturizer).

Lip Balm

When your nose and lips are dry and chapped, apply some Skin Food to the affected area to quickly soothe and hydrate the area.

Cuticle Cream

This intensely moisturizing cream is also great for keeping your hands from drying out after washing dishes or being in the air conditioner. Simply massage some into your hands and nails several times a day (or before bed) and see how smooth and beautiful your hands and nails look after use.

Protective Cream

Artificial tanning often requires a good barrier cream to prevent dark spots. Massage a little Skin Food into dry areas that get too dark when self-tanning, like knees, elbows, and ankles.


Thanks to its rich moisturizing ingredients, Skin Food is an all-natural-looking highlighter. Apply to cheekbones, brow bones, and nose after applying your face foundation for a healthy, dewy glow that catches the light and gives you that extra glow.


Skin Food’s soothing ingredients make it an ideal face mask to replenish damaging, dehydrating, and uncomfortable skin. Apply a thick layer to the face eyes, and neck and allow to absorb, then remove with a damp muslin. Tip: It’s a beautiful relaxing facial in the bath.

Hair Serum

When your hair is dry and damaged, this moisturizing cream can be applied sparingly to the ends and mid-lengths of damp hair to help restore moisture. Skin Food is ideal for bringing dull hair back to life. It can help smooth split ends and promote beautiful, bouncy curls.

Foot Cream

Perfect for dry, rough, hard skin on the bottoms of your feet, Skin Food can help soften hard skin and cracked heels. Great as a rich night treatment, apply this nourishing cream to all feet, put on a pair of socks, and let it work while you sleep.

Cracked Skin Treatment

This beautiful cream is excellent for soothing scraped knees, and cracked elbows, helps moisturize dry, rough, broken areas, and soothes skin. Weleda also has a body butter version! Apply to affected areas at night to keep them smooth, soft, and hydrated.

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