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4 Common Myths About Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

Drug and alcohol recovery is something that must be taken seriously. Many people, unfortunately, don’t think that rehab is the right choice because they worry about the impact that it will have on their job.

Others worry about its effect on their usage or how they will pay for it. We’ve taken the time to give you the four most common myths about these centers and what’s the truth.

Please continue to read the truth about a recovery center and how it can help you heal.

You Don’t Have To Hit Rock Bottom

Many people believe that you have to be at your worst before entering a recovery center. The sooner you get yourself checked in, the better it will be for your health. You don’t have to wait for some imagined low point to start yourself on a journey to a better life. Waiting does nothing except deter you from having your recovery.

There Is A Benefit To Entering A Recovery Center Again

If you’ve entered recovery before, you may think it’s pointless to enter again. However, that isn’t the truth. Instead, it means you have a head-start. You’ve been in this position before, knowing what to expect. That means that you have a better chance this time as you can come in with a new perspective.

You Won’t Get Fired

The main thing that you must remember is that you won’t get fired, and you need to put your life first. In most cases, your company cannot fire you for being in treatment. The ADA protects people from this. However, if your employer can prove that you can’t function safely in the workplace or test positive for drugs, they can fire you on those grounds.

However, many companies have a program that offers help to those who need addiction treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. If you still need additional support beyond that, you could choose to take unpaid leave through the FMLA. You should be able to take up to a year off with this, and substance abuse does qualify here.

You Can Afford Treatment In A Recovery Center

This is another area where people fret unnecessarily. The truth is, you can pay for treatment. Through the ACA, you can get help as this is considered a vital health benefit. Contact your insurance provider and ask what your coverage is. While most insurance companies will pay for treatment, if they don’t, a recovery center will help you find a way to pay that doesn’t put you in debt.

Recovery Is Possible

Recovery is possible, and it can change your life immensely. Don’t let the myths about a recovery center stop you from getting life-changing help. As you can see from the list we have given you above, all of the common myths are debunked, and you can see that what you think about these centers isn’t true. Instead of being frightened, you can relax knowing that your job will still be in place when you come home.

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