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Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text

Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text That we have enough time to read your favourite news or article?

It may occur from time to time due to your busy routine and other important duties.

But how cool would it be if someone could read your favourite article while you run, drive, or have breakfast or lunch?

Here comes an app, Balabolka, that almost does that.

All About Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text

Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text

With the help of balabolka (a Russian word meaning “charlatan”), you can continue your work while listening to the articles you want to read.

This free portable text to speech converter can convert any inputted text to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA and other audio formats.

The best thing about this text to speech converter is that you can save the text commentary so you can listen to it over and over again as many times as you want.

Text To Speech Converter

Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text were the interface of this portable text to speech converter is simple and easy to use. On the main page, you can paste the text by clicking File.

Then select the article you want to read and click Open. Now you can see the full article on the main interface.

To turn your article into a voice message, click Voice and Read Aloud.

Once you do this, you can listen to your writing. Now you can use the toolbar to manipulate the text like play, pause, stop or bookmark.

To split the text and convert the File to audio files, click File and click the Split text and convert to audio files option.

Navigate to the item you want to convert and click Share and convert to save the File. The size or length of the output file depends on the size of the text file.

Features of Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text

With Balabolka, you can save the text as WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA.

View the text of DOC, RTF, PDF, ODT, FB2 and HTML files.

The program can also read the contents of the clipboard.

It has a pronunciation function.

You can customize the font and background colour.

You can read individual words, sentences and paragraphs.

Important Functions

  • Magnifying glass
  • Case converter
  • Spell check
  • Documents with multiple tabs
  • File Compare
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • Fully wearable

Download Balabolka For Free

Balabolka Remove Page Number In Text

The program is easy to use and has a lot to offer. Click here and download it from the link.

It’s a 7.48MB file, so not too big to fit on your system.

As it is a portable text to speech converter, you can move the ZIP package to any other folder of your choice.

I have several scripts that need to be converted to Generated Voiceovers (TTS).

Except for certain parts that need to remain in the text but are not included in the audio.

I use Balabolka, which offers many features apart from poor documentation and no official or community support.


I’ve found that I can make single-line comments if I add them as an attribute of a SAPI tag: <silence msec=”50″ txt=”This will just be a breather”. />

Or a wrong XML tag: <comment txt=”This is just a comment.” />

Or even: <>

All About XML

Worse, I want to enable Start new sentence after line breaks in the reading parameters because titles, lists, and other text without trailing punctuation will read without a break.

But if I enable it, then single-line comments with punctuation and each new line will also break the silence, making multi-line words impossible.

And after disabling it, Babaloka will fail and throw an XML parser error on every score.

I have no plans to create an advanced XML parser for Balabolka (even with comment symbol support). We’re sorry.

My advice is not to comment but to remove unnecessary text from a document (try creating two text variants: reading and viewing).

Or you add the new rule to the pronunciation correction dictionary: the special regular expression for finding comments.

Easy Expression


Replace with:

(empty line)

Apply rules to the text before converting it to an audio file (main menu item “Options|Pronunciation Correction|Show Changed Text”).

CIt’s a good idea to open an angle bracket and close an angle bracket within the same paragraph. Also, try to place the start and end tags in the same way.

It increases the likelihood that Balabolka will process the tags correctly.

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