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Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro Drivers Windows 10

Sound blaster x-fi go pro drivers windows 10 brings amazingly enhanced 3D audio to any computer, anywhere!


We design it for maximum portability; this sound card is small enough to fit in your pocket and even on your keychain.

Enjoy sound blaster x-fi go pro drivers windows 10 incredible 3D surround sound with any pair of headphones in movies games, and enhance your overall PC and online audio.

However, the Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! Pro is the smoothest, fastest and easiest upgrade to SBX Pro Studio audio technology.


Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro Drivers Windows 10

SBX Pro Studio High Definition Entertainment: Advanced audio technology to enhance and personalize your music, movie and gaming experience.

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3D headphone surround sound

Incredible virtual surround sound through any headset for immersive movies and gaming sessions

VoiceFX Technology

Make online conversations even more fun with VoiceFX technology, which changes your voice in online chats or during gameplay.

Audio Performance

Sound Blaster sound quality

Also, the industry standard for PC audio quality, available in a portable USB sound card

Excellent Gaming Audio

Gaming support includes EAX 5.0 and OpenAL and Creative ALchemy software to restore EAX surround sound for games running on Windows Vista/Windows 7.


Works with Windows 8

However, We’ve updated your audio drivers to help you get the most out of Sound Blaster in Windows 8.

Sound Blaster x-fi go pro drivers: How to pair devices via NFC and Bluetooth

Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro Drivers Windows 10

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Applicable to: Sound Blaster E3 (SB1610)

Aldo, this article explains to us about how we can connect to the Sound Blaster headphone amplifier via NFC or Bluetooth.

To pair via NFC (Near Field Communication):

The NFC receiver for the Sound Blaster E3 is near the “Sound Blaster” logo.

  1. Make sure you have enabled NFC on your smart device.
  2. Place your NFC-enabled device near the Sound Blaster E3’s NFC receiver.
  3. If your smart device shows the following message, please tap “Yes”.

“Are you sure you want to agree…?”

Besides, After your device has been paired with the Sound Blaster E3, you can check your smart device’s Bluetooth settings.

The LED indicator on the Sound Blaster E3 should show a solid blue light, indicating it has successfully paired with your device.

Also, now you can play audio files from your smart device. Your music is streaming through the E3’s headphone output.

To pair manually (regular Bluetooth pairing without NFC):

  1. For Bluetooth manual pairing, press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button for about 2 seconds (either OFF/ON state) until the LED indicator flashes blue.

It indicates that the Sound Blaster E3 is currently in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Note: This pairing mode only takes about 60 seconds. If no Bluetooth device connects within this time, pairing mode will exit, and a solid white LED will display on the E3.

  1. Please turn on the Bluetooth of your smart device and touch “Sound Blaster E3” to pair and connect.
  2. The Sound Blaster E3 LED indicator should show a solid blue light once connected via Bluetooth.
  3. You can now stream music through the Sound Blaster E3’s headphone output using the established Bluetooth connection.


Sound Blaster X-Fi Go Pro Drivers Windows 10

Let’s see the complete list of specifications:

An audiophile ESS Saber 9038 DAC

129 dB DNR, with 32-bit playback at 384 kHz (in direct mode)

CleanLine technology to provide interference-free communication for the microphone input

Xamp headphone bi-amplifier that amplifies left and proper channels separately for clean audio production

Up to 600 ohms compatibility for high-performance headphones

Interchangeable op-amps if you want to customize your sound even further

Nichicon fine gold capacitors

5.1 surround sound support via DTS and Dolby, as well as a virtual 7.1 surround sound solution

Sound Blaster Engine for audio processing

Scout mode to enhance game sounds like footsteps (more on that later)


The Sound Blaster x-fi go pro Windows 10 drivers have no problems in terms of audio performance, but the high price makes it difficult to recommend them unreservedly.

If you have high-end headphones, the Sound blaster x-fi go pro drivers for Windows 10 are a must-have upgrade, especially if you want something with an XLR mic input and a focus on everything and the kitchen sink. to game features.

If all you have is a pair of “gaming” headphones, it won’t be an apparent breakthrough. For console gamers: close this review and move on.

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