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Popunder — the most profitable ad format?

A popunder is a special form of advertising banner in online marketing. The advertising message is presented in a new browser window. This new window is initially placed under the active browser window that the user is currently looking at. The advertising does not reach the user until they close or minimize the current window, thereby revealing the popunder that has opened in the background.

Basically, this is a counterpart of a pop-up, when the window with the advertisement overlays the website opened by the user.

How does it work?

Popunder advertising opens in a separate browser window and is hidden under the current browser window, unlike pop-up ads. This format has one important advantage – the ad is not visible to the user right away and does not interrupt what they are doing. For this reason, popunder traffic is less disliked by the users and they are more likely to actually read your ad.

Naturally, both forms of pop ads are excellent, but each of them has its own strong sides. Popunders are the least straightforward of the two, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, they provide the best user experience, opening a browser window without disturbing the user. On the other hand, browser restrictions aimed at protecting users from annoying ads are increasingly aimed at this format of advertising.

What you can advertise?

Popunder ads are used for the promotion of a variety of products and services. The verticals that show the best results with this type of advertising are:

  • Webcam
  • Dating
  • Adult
  • Nutra
  • Forex
  • Gambling.

For effective promotion, the content as well as the design of the ad must be attractive. Everything must be carefully constructed so that the user sees the advantages of your product and not just another annoying ad.

AdBlock vs Popunder

Most ad blockers do not affect popunder. This is because these ads are triggered by the users’ clicks, therefore the ad blocker takes this as user-requested content. However, some extensions block domains, regardless of whether the user has clicked or not.


As we have already mentioned, popunder advertising tends to distract users less, which often leads to better results than you would have seen with pop-up advertising. Besides, popunder can be configured for location, devices, OS, language, etc, which is important for targeting the specific audience and measuring RO

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