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The use of modern technology to improve online learning

The use of modern technology to improve online learning: Technology has made significant improvements To the lives of both students and teachers by making the educational process become more interesting and engaging. Needless to say, it is important to note that online learning has become a significant part of the lives of the students going to the covid-19 pandemic that has forced the schools and colleges and all other educational institutions to remain closed. In such a situation through the use of online learning the students and teachers have been able to continue their educational process and ensure that the time and your of the students are not wasted. Considering the case of Technology in education it is important to note that there has been significant advances made in the field of technology that can be  implemented in the online learning process to make the entire learning segment to become more interesting. this technology includes the use of virtual learning and Augmented reality. It also includes the concept of hybrid learning and flipped classrooms along with the concepts of gamification. The most recent technology to have entered the educational landscape is the metaverse. However, it is important to know that the letter concept is still very new and research is still being undergone to understand how efficiently this technology can be applied to education to make it more efficient for the students.

Using modern methods in education

The use of modern technology has made it easier for the Teachers as well to keep track of the progress of the students and make the learning process become much more fun and easier to comprehend. For example, through the use of the gamification technology it has been found that the subject of mathematics can be easily taught to High School as well as pre school students. Through the use of this technology the help of puzzles and quizzes are undertaken to provide a better understanding of the number system and how it can be implemented in  mathematical sums. For example, say that a student wants to understand a certain aspect of the concept of percentage. This can be easily achieved by developing tricky math puzzles with answers for the students. The Puzzles will need to be solved first before the answers will display itself on the screen. In this way the students found it easier to understand the math question and implement strategies to find the answer effectively. Another example that can be considered for this case is that students are required to undertake mathematical questions on geometry. Through the use of quizzes on shape and sizes and logical reasoning, it becomes easier for the student to get a better understanding of why each shape has a different height and length and weight and how it can be utilized in the given problem. Therefore it can be stated that using the process of gamification students have shown progress when it comes to understanding the concept of mathematics and this has led them to get better grades in the examinations. Similarly, using the concept of virtual learning it has been found that students being provided with the simulated landscape of events of the past and present has found it easier to study the subject of history and geography and retain more knowledge. The use of virtual learning has also been found to be of great importance in the subjects of Economics as it helps them to have a better understanding of different case studies and how it has impacted the economy.

Role of teachers

It is important to understand that the teachers play a significant role in ensuring that students are able to get a better understanding of the subjects through the use of this technology. The qualities of a good teacher is to not only understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students but also push them towards overcoming the weakness and turning it into a strength. With the use of these modern technologies it becomes easier for the Teachers to help the students gain a better understanding of the subject and work towards being successful in the same. Hence, it can be summarized that Technology such as gamification and virtual reality has a significant role to play in improving the learning process of students.

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