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How to Buy Crypto on the Apps You Already Have

Are you among the millions of people who are new to crypto and want a slice of the cake? Well, you’re right in time for extensive information on how you can buy this digital currency on the apps that you already have. Nonetheless, you may still want to go searching for a specialized Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app.

The first question many noobs ask in this industry is how to purchase crypto. In the initial times when Bitcoin emerged as the first cryptocurrency, making a purchase wasn’t a walk in the park. You’d have to possess a significant level of comfort and effort with certain technology. And this is perhaps what scared most people. Otherwise, if it were to be as easy as it is right now, then we would have so many Bitcoin millionaires by this year. Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency industry has changed in a great way. Today, the barrier to entry almost doesn’t exist. You can use almost any app to buy and sell Bitcoins. You don’t have to solely depend on a Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app. So, how do you achieve this so easily?

How to Buy Crypto on Cash App

Cash App introduced its pilot Bitcoin services back in 2017. And ever since, it has kept on rolling out more Bitcoin-based functionalities that make it easier for users to trade Bitcoins. Cash app has been integrating different functionalities for Bitcoin usage. It is one of the easiest to use Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app platforms.

It’s a plus if you already have a Cash app account and perform occasional investments and transactions using it. An easy way to purchase Bitcoins from Cash app is by following these steps:

  •       Locate and click on the Bitcoin tab that’s present on the Cash App home screen.
  •       Click on the option to purchase BTC.
  •       Select the amount of BTC that you’d wish to buy – even enter a custom figure if you wish to.
  •       Enter your pin and then click on the confirm button so that your purchase is complete. Check your account balance to confirm that you have indeed committed the transaction.

To ensure that this purchase goes through, have enough money in your Cash App account. You can also take advantage of other Bitcoin investing features, such as custom orders and auto-invest.

Buying Crypto on Afriex Bitcoin Cryptocurrency App


Afriex is one of the new entrants to the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app segments. Not only do they make it easy for users to send money across borders, but now you can also purchase cryptocurrency easily, right from the app.

Afriex leverages the potency of blockchain technology to ensure that your funds are always safe. All information about you on this Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app is safe from scammers and ill-minded individuals out there. Even though they are just fresh in the market, you will still want to use their cryptocurrency services. You can easily start buying cryptocurrencies from the Afriex homepage.

How to Purchase Crypto on PayPalHow to Purchase Crypto on PayPal

PayPal has been in existence for several years now, thus, becoming a reliable money transfer option. It has incorporated Bitcoin-related products, and it offers a simple way of acquiring Bitcoins. Nonetheless, you need to note that they have some withdrawal restrictions.

For instance, when you purchase Bitcoins on PayPal, you can’t transfer them to an external wallet through withdrawal. Thus, you will only be limited to the services that PayPal provides. The procedure for purchasing cryptocurrency on PayPal includes the following steps:

  •       Click on the finances tab and select crypto from the dashboard of your PayPal account.
  •       Choose the cryptocurrency of your choice. At the time of this writing, the available options were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin.
  •       Click on the Buy option, then verify your identity to continue.
  •       Complete the transaction after indicating the amount that you wish to purchase.

Before completing the transaction, you need to ensure that you have enough money in your PayPal account. Otherwise, you’d have to link your account to a debit card or your bank account.

Buying Cryptocurrency on Venmo


Venmo is yet another effective Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app that you can use. In 2021, they enabled a feature meant for those who specifically want to purchase cryptocurrency or sell it. Just like its parent company PayPal, Venmo doesn’t permit users to transfer cryptocurrencies off of its platform. There are also purchase limits of $20,000 per week, and $50,000 per year. To purchase cryptocurrency on the Venmo platform, you can follow this procedure:

  •       Find the crypto coins tab at the bottom of your screen. Check out the options you have in terms of cryptocurrencies. It has the same selection as PayPal at the time of this writing.
  •       Select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase based on its price.
  •       Once you have shown the amount that you wish to spend, you can review the purchase and tap buy once ready to complete the transaction.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, that’s how you can purchase cryptocurrency through the apps that you already have at your disposal. Just ensure that you’re using the right Bitcoin Cryptocurrency app.

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