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How To Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 Correct?

However, pokemon home error code 10015 is one of the applications and part of the Pokemon series, and each platform and software can have errors because they are inevitable. One of the errors in Pokémon’s house is the Pokémon Homo 10015 Error Code. Pokemon user experiences this error and wants to know why it happens and how it is remedied. Read the article until the end to learn about the Pokemon 10015 Starting Error Code. Why does the Pokémon 10015 start error code appear, and how can you solve it?

Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 House

Buy Fashion pokemon home error code 1001, stylized as a Pokémon shopping house for shopping, is a free mobile application and a Nintendo Switch purchasing game in the Pokémon series, which was released by Ilia in February 2020 and published by Pokémon Company. Its primary function is to keep Pokémon in the cloud. It also includes the “global trade system” (GTS), which was missing in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. It allows players to transmit Pokémon from the previous storage system, the Pokémon Bank of ShoppingMode Nintendo 3DS, and Pokémon GO.

Pokemon 10015 Start Error Code

However, pokemon home error code 10015 is one of the most famous and used applications in the Pokémon series. Each platform and software can have errors. It is unavoidable. One of the errors in Pokémon’s house is the 10015 error code. Pokemon Home user suffers this error and wants to know why the Pokemon Homo 10015 error code appears and how to solve it.

Why Does the Pokémon 10015 Start Error Code Appear?

pokemon home error code 10015

Since the last update, Pokemon Home 2.00, many of the users of the Pokemon Home application have faced 10015 before a unique error code. They wanted to know what caused this error. According to the sources, the error occurs when users try to save a failed egg in the Pokemon Home cloud service.

According to the pokemon home error code 10015 support in your forum, “for certain Nintendo -Switch users, the selection of changes will keep and end the boxes in the menu when you link paintings cause an error (error code: 10015)”.

How Do I Repair Pokemon 10015’s Starting Error Code?

As mentioned above, many pokemon home error code 10015 users have exposed a unique error code 10015 after the 2.00 update. If you talk about the solution for the error code because the problem is the problem related to the server, users can solve or solve the problem. Pokemon Home support stated that they should start an update that corrects the 10015 error code before the end of the month.

It is also said that playing with profiles that are not populated with harmful eggs can eliminate the problem.

All About Error Code Details

The Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version of Pokémon Home are available. Both versions are linked through a Nintendo account.

Also, a free basic plan and a paid premium plan are open. The users of both versions have access to a national Pokédex, which is updated as a new Pokémon stored at home. A special Pokeball will be assigned -macarena to users who complete this Pokédex. Pokémon users can move Pokémon with both versions from Pokémon Bank to house boxes. However, this is a disposable transmission and sees the “individual values” of a Pokémon. Users of both versions can transmit Pokéncional Pokémon to Pokémon Home without a Premium plan.

Mobile Version

pokemon home error code 10015

These problems occurred with the last update of Pokémon Home 2.0.0. One is not severe, but the other could have many complications.

Error code 10015

This usually happens when you try to transfer a Pokémon. It is not entirely clear why this problem occurs. Still, it could mean that Pokémon Home recognizes pirate games such as Pokémon or pirated copies and does not allow them to access the work.

Error Code 2-Alzta-0007

It usually simply means that your game has problems connecting to the server. It could be because traffic jams are inactive or other online problems. If this is the problem, you must wait for the server to return correctly.

Pokemon HomeEerror Code 10015 Solutions

  • Eliminate and install Pokémon home
  • His Pokémon Home -Account is connected to his Nintendo -ID and therefore remembers everything he has put together after removing and re-setting.
  • From the Switch start menu, Pokémon’s house walk.
  • Now press the + button on your controller.
  • The showdown to manage the software.
  • Select Delete software.
  • Select Delete.
  • Choose accept.
  • Now select the shop switch.
  • Go to the search bar.
  • Write Pokémon home and then choose acceptance.
  • Choose Pokémon home
  • Contact Nintendo customer service.
  • Eliminate and install the Pokémon game again


It is a drastic option, but the last available one for you. You can know where a pokemon home error code 10015 was initially seen on his Pokédex entrance at home. For example, if you see a Pokémon that appears the mistake appears from sword and shield, you can try to remove and reinstall your sword or shield game.

Warning: Pokémon games are not supported in the cloud. If you eliminate your Pokémon game file, it will disappear forever, which means that all progress and Pokémon are still lost in the game. Just take these steps if you understand the risks and agree with you.

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