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Watch Dolores Encanto Free Disney Movie

Introduction Of Dolores Encanto

Dolores Encanto will call you for it if you have a big mouth and don’t have a filter in an immigrant family. This is especially true if you regularly reveal a big secret; this is how you learn to keep secrets to survive. People don’t trust you when someone ventures into adulthood and won’t shut up.

Encanto manages to summarize the aspects of belonging to an immigrant family. You get a matriarch who has suffered trauma; as a result, she feels that she must control all facets of her family’s life. We also have siblings who love each other but face figuratively unequal power relationships. You also have the one person who can’t keep their mouth shut. Dolores Madrigal is that person. She frustrated me when I saw the movie.

Entertainment and Music

Entertainment and Music

The film’s animation, which journalists found beautiful, was reviewer Monica Castillo felt that the musical sequences and character spaces allowed for more artistic and abstract animation than in previous Disney films.

All About Dolores Encanto

Directed by: Jared Bush, Byron Howard

Script by: Charise Castro Smith, Jared bush

History: Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Charise Castro Smith, Jason’s hand, nancy cruise, Lin Manuel Miranda

Produced by: Yet merino, clark-spencer

Actors: Stephanie Beatriz, Maria Cecilia Botero & Juan Leguizamo

History Of Dolores Encanto

As for the “regular Disney formula,” Charm divided critics; some thought it deviated significantly from the formula. Forbes’ Scott Mendelson called the film “terribly unconventional.” At the same time, global critic Collin Garbarino highlighted several aspects that he acknowledged deviating from the formula, like the lack of princesses and villains and the focus on the community.

Dolores ruined her gift of superhearing, and it’s hard to ignore this fact on repeat. She bluntly tells the neighborhood kids that Mirabel has no talent, and then she tactlessly tells them about Bruno’s prophecy. This contributes to Abuela constantly isolating Mirabel and making her feel “different.” Then later in the movie, there are her actions. Are they good intentions, or are they motivated by selfish pettiness?

Story Line

Story Line

Dolores is a gossip. She tries to be nice to Mirabel but excludes her and Abuela, revealing to the neighborhood kids that her cousin has no powers when Mirabel dodges the subject. She later tells Mirabel that no one cares about growing cracks, though Mirabel overheard her grandmother worrying about it. The only time it could be argued that she is useful is when she tells Mirabel that she feels sorry for her uncle Bruno, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But in the rest of the movie? It is useless and harmful.

Also, Dolores is in love with the man that Abuela Isabela, her cousin, wants to marry. Bruno once told her that her love would be out of her sight, and she ruins the engagement party by whispering around the table as Mariano officially proposes to Isabela.

Was Dolores Encanto a Blockbuster?

You could argue, “Dolores didn’t mean it like that, and she was stressed.” Uh, no, she meant it. After all, why was it easier for her to keep a secret that her uncle lived inside the walls and starved to death, tending the cracks in La Casita? Dolores confirms that she always knew that Bruno was hiding in the walls. Based on her verse in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, she tricks Mirabel into seeing Bruno dancing on the balcony above them.

Some things are not done during an important family event. One of them is throwing your teenage cousin under the bus because of your impending heartbreak. Dolores is an adult who knows better; Mirabel is 15 years old and considered a girl because she has to stay in daycare after her gift never showed up.


For most of the movie, Dolores has a useless gift. She keeps her up at night because she hears her cousin’s eyes twitch and lets her in on the secrets of the whole town. Because of her big mouth, no one has privacy in the house. It is implied that no one trusts her to keep secrets, except maybe Bruno. They don’t precisely avoid her since her little brother Camilo poses as her to get extra breakfast helpings, but it’s not like anyone trusts her. In Luisa she has no confidante like Mirabel. People shudder when she indicates she’s heard her secret, and her eyes widen in horror.

Though Dolores knows what it’s like to be someone else, she doesn’t say anything when Abuela lashes out at Mirabel. She listens from afar, and when you would expect her to speak, she doesn’t. You can make a drinking game every time this reference occurs.

Conclusion Of Dolores Encanto

Mirabel then disappears in the third act. La Casita collapsed and used her last strength to protect Mirabel while trying to save the sparkler. She walks away from her when her parents try to get help, and the whole family spends an entire night looking for her. Dolores pricks up her ears but puts on a sad expression. Her gift would have been practical only when she was gone with the miracle. Karma is a slut who can’t improve things after making them worse.

The film ends with La Casita being rebuilt and everyone working to fix their accidental emotional abuse of Mirabel. Isabela urges Mariano to Dolores, who gets what he wants without apologizing to Mirabel for making her a scapegoat. She doesn’t care that the rest of her life has no secrets.

Critical Response

Critical Response

The consensus on Charm is that if you like most modern Disney movies, you’ll probably like Charm as it has a lot in common with them. However, you might find something extraordinary in this proven formula.

Critics well-received Charm. The CNBC news channel reported that critics ranked it among the best Walt Disney Animation films. On the online review aggregator of the website Rotten Tomatoes, 99% of 200 critic reviews are positive, with an average rating of 7.9/10.

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