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Removing Counter.Wmail-Service.Com Is Easy. [Removal Of Viruses]? is a cryptocurrency hijacker, a deadly JavaScript-based remote access trojan, and the Command & Control (C&C) server for the VenomSoftX virus. The main objectives of VenomSoftX are to steal cryptocurrency, copy content from the clipboard, fingerprint the compromised system, download more payloads, and carry out orders.

ViperSoftX accesses every page the user visits by using malicious browser extensions. In order to avoid detection by the victims, it poses as “Google Sheets 2.1,” “Google Docs 1.0,” or any other extension that seems authentic.

By altering the data in API queries on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, the ViperSoftX virus performs man-in-the-browser attacks that enable the attacker to switch cryptocurrency addresses. In addition, it alters visited websites’ crypto addresses, takes credentials, and copies text from the clipboard.

Is taking over your computer? If so, you’ve come to the correct blog. We’ll explain how to delete from your computer and safeguard yourself against its harmful effects in this blog post.

What Is [Virus Removal] Counter.Wmail-Service.Com?

The malicious domain acts as the VenomSoftX malware’s command and control (C&C) server. Attackers can manage and keep an eye on their targets from this central location, the C&C server. VenomSoftX is a well-known malware that is also known as Turla or Snake.

This malware is a Distant Access Trojan that runs on JavaScript and has the ability to steal bitcoin.

How Is The System Infected By It?

Malicious emails, infected websites, and additional social engineering strategies including phishing, phoney software upgrades, or downloads are some of the ways the virus spreads.

Usually, when a file is opened, dangerous code embedded in a JavaScript page runs.

The virus can remotely execute commands, infect your computer and begin monitoring activity, and steal sensitive information such as cryptocurrency wallets or banking passwords.

By embedding the malicious code into emails and webpages sent from an infected computer, the harmful code may also propagate to other computers on your network or even across the Internet.

How Can Counter.Wmail-Service.Com Be Removed?

Upgrade your antiviral programme.

Make sure your antivirus and anti-malware software is up to date in order to identify and get rid of any harmful files, registry keys, or other elements connected to Trojan.

Utilise an anti-malware programme to examine your PC.

For a system scan that finds malicious files, registry keys, and processes, use an antivirus programme.

Eliminate things that were identified.

After the scan, get rid of everything dangerous that the anti-malware tool found.

Review Of Countermail

Sweden-based CounterMail is a secure email provider. In this country, where the government is gradually getting more intrusive, privacy providers may be required by warrant to divulge personal data about its customers. Additionally, it is a country that has come under fire for collaborating with the US administration.

This email provider has a solid reputation in spite of this. The company states that its main goal is to offer a straightforward Webmail solution that is safe and simple to use. This should make the service beneficial for new users who want to switch from Gmail or Outlook to encrypted email.

Features Overview

Features Overview


OpenPGP encryption

Support for PGP/MIME

Diskless web servers

Secure forms

Android, Windows, MacOS X and Linux support

Dynamic aliases

Message filter / Autoresponder

Anonymous email headers

IMAP for using third-party clients

USB key option

Password manager

Custom domains supported

XMPP chat server

Bitcoin payments accepted

XMPP chat server

Pros And Cons Of Counter.Email-Service.Com


Man-in-the-middle attack protection for SSL/TLS

Built-in password manager

USB authentication

Custom domain support

OpenPGP encryption


No native apps

Not open source


No free plan

Simpleness Of Use

Upon perusing the CounterMail website, it is evident that the service is not suitable for novice users. The website is really a nightmare. Everywhere you look are links, half of which lead nowhere. The remaining half led to some Wikipedia entries and live pages, but they were essentially the same repeated few found on the CounterMail website. It’s obvious that software developers, not website designers, made the website.


Fortunately, there are plenty of links to the register page scattered across the website, making registration not too tough. It takes patience to find them though, as they are all the same shade of olive green as the other links.

How Much Does Countermail Cost?

CounterMail offers a free seven-day trial period to its users. The company does, however, note that there are some restrictions:

Three subscription periods are available for premium accounts, each of which includes four gigabytes of encrypted storage space along with the same capabilities. One-year subscriptions cost $49, two-year subscriptions alone cost $79, and six-month subscriptions cost $29.

The costs shown there aren’t that high. They cost more, though, than other well-known firms like Posteo and Tutanota, which both charge $13.68 a year for their services.

A one-time $15 fee will apply to anyone wishing to use a custom domain. This is common as a lot of secure email providers charge a fixed fee for transferring or creating new custom domain name inboxes.

Users who experience difficulties with the 4 GB storage capacity can choose to increase the size of their mailbox. Users have a choice of 250 MB to 1.75 GB of additional space. To increase the storage space, there is a one-time flat fee of $19 for 250 MB, $35 for 500 MB, $59 for an additional GB, and $89 for 1.75 GB. As this is a one-off, there is no need for much concern.

Subscription payments can be done with Bitcoin, wire transfers, Paypal, credit cards, or bank transfers. If a user chooses to use a VPN to hide their IP address, they can subscribe discreetly using the Bitcoin option.

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